Defense Contractor Raytheon Publicly Touts Product’s Ability to Track UFO’s

Believe it or not, Americans have been so inundated with shocking developments in the late stages of 2017, that many have failed to fully recognize the Pentagon’s most recent, earth-shattering revelation regarding UFO’s.

In short, The Pentagon was forced to admit just a week ago that they had spent $22 million dollars over a number of recent years investigating the reality of unidentified flying objects visiting our planet from part unknown.  This revelation was accompanied by the astonishing video tape of an encounter between one such object and a pair of Navy pilots who were scrambled in order to intercept what they were seeing on radar.

The video is chilling, as we hear the cursing and bewildered military pilots airing some choice words when confronted with the bizarre, egg-shaped object.  During the time that the craft was on screen, it was seen to rotate uniformly while hovering in a space just above the clouds.  After the video ends, the pilots describe the object darting off at unearthly speeds, further confusing these heavily trained and experienced airmen.

Now, in an inadvertent boost to the credibility of this story, one defense contractor with the U.S. government is taking the opportunity to publicly pat themselves on the back, as it was their radar device that allowed the Navy to keep an eye on the object in the first place.

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“The pilots were clearly baffled by the object. ‘Look at that thing, dude,’ said one in a video credited to the U.S. Department of Defense by the New York Times.

“Fast forward 13 years to Dec. 16, when the New York Times published a report on the 2004 incident and a little-known Pentagon program that tracked such reports from 2007 until at least 2012. Included was the video of the incident, which was captured by a Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward Look Infrared sensor, mounted under one of the fighter jets.

“Called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, the government program analyzed UAP imagery and data such as the images from the Raytheon-made ATFLIR.

“’We might be the system that caught the first evidence of E.T. out there,’ said Aaron Maestas, director of engineering and chief engineer for Surveillance and Targeting Systems at Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems business. ‘But I’m not surprised we were able to see it. ATFLIR is designed to operate on targets that are traveling in excess of Mach 1. It’s a very agile optical system with a sensitive detector that can distinguish between the cold sky and the hot moving target quite easily.’”

Even more shocking is that this boast comes to us directly from the Raytheon website, where the normally demure defense contractor has openly admitted their pride in the ATFLIR system’s ability to track unknown technologies darting about the sky.

Could this be Raytheon posturing for a prime spot in some coming arms race?  Or is this admission just a tongue in cheek bit of fun aimed at the UFO community?  Until a little green man winds up at a press conference in a Raytheon bombardier jacket, we may never know.

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