North Korea

Defecting Nuclear Scientist Chooses Death Over Return To North Korea

There is little doubt that the conflict between North Korea and the United States will soon come to a head, and when it does, the world will be exposed to some shocking realities.

For far too long, the entirety of the globe has been ignoring the absolutely hellish conditions in which North Korean civilians fight to survive.  The government of the despotic dictatorship has gone to great lengths in order to ensure that their citizens have no knowledge of the world that lies beyond their borders, allowing propaganda to dictate how these imprisoned civilians view the world.  To the huddled masses of North Korea, all of their abject poverty is to be blamed on the United States and the sanctions that the U.S. participates in.

To further isolate the nation’s information, those who are caught attempting to defy the North Korea State, in any way, are sentenced to hard time in one of the nation’s 14, (or more), concentration camps.  These sentences, while always excruciatingly long, are often fatal.  Between the unsanitary conditions, extreme workload, and guards who punish with governmental immunity, there is little hope for the incarcerated to make it out alive.

Now, one defector who was being shipped back to Kim Jong Un’s hellish prison-nation has taken matters into his own hands in a stark reminder that our conflict with North Korea goes far beyond their nuclear possibilities. 

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“A North Korean nuclear scientist who defected to China in early November reportedly killed himself when he was deported back to North Korea.

“A report by Radio Free Asia (RFA) quotes ‘high-level sources in North Korea’ who identified the defector as Hyun Cheol-huh and said he was in his early fifties. There is some question as to whether that was his real name.

“According to these sources, Hyun (assuming that was his name) led a physics research team at the State Academy of Sciences in Pyongyang. He took a leave of absence after displaying ‘signs of anxiety over his research projects,’ visited relatives near the Chinese border, and then disappeared when he learned North Korean authorities were looking for him.”

While it may be too late to save Hyun, there are millions of North Koreans still living under the thumb of the Kim dynasty, and who need international help immediately.

Much like the end of World War II, there is a great likelihood that the information we currently have regarding the horrific conditions within North Korea are only a part of the story.  Once the world finally gathers the courage to do what’s right in the region, we will sadly be treated to even more shocking revelations from the recovery effort, and find ourselves asking why we had waited to long to act in the first place.

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