North Korea

Defecting North Korean Soldier Gets Nasty Surprise Crossing DMZ

Conditions within the hermit kingdom of North Korea have deteriorated over the course of the last several months, thanks in part to increased UN sanctions on the rogue regime.

North Korea, led by the maniacal Kim Jong Un, has been at the forefront of global annoyance for years, continuing a trend first instigated by the current dictator’s ancestors.  For decades, the isolated and bizarre nation has blamed the United States for nearly all of their problems, constantly portraying America as the world’s number one source of strife.  This vision of the U.S. has permeated all aspects of North Korea culture, as the despotic nation constantly pushes propaganda and vitriol vilifying the nation.

In reality, the small Asian nation has been completely mistreating their own people for the entirety of their existence.  Not only is the DPRK leadership exploiting the communism of the nation in order to stack wealth for the ruling class, but they have allowed famine and poverty to kill literally millions of North Koreans over the course of recent history.

If you are lucky enough to break the massive information firewall of North Korea as a citizen, and learn about the real world outside of the Kim dynasty’s sphere of influence, attempting to spread the truth will find you locked up in one of the country’s 14 or so concentration camps.

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It’s no wonder that many North Koreans attempt to defect every year with mixed results.  One such defector recently discovered exactly how the Kim regime feels about those attempting to leave the doomed country.

 “North Korean troops fired on a fellow soldier who was defecting to South Korea on Monday across the heavily armed border dividing the countries, South Korean officials said, amid heightened tensions over the North’s nuclear weapons program.

“The soldier was shot but succeeded in reaching the South, its military said in a statement.

“The North Korean soldier defected through Panmunjom, a village that straddles the border between the two Koreas. Alerted by gunshots, South Korean guards found the North Korean soldier about 55 yards south of the border line that bisects Panmunjom. He was taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds to an elbow and shoulder, South Korean officials said.

“His defection took place while a joint naval exercise involving three American aircraft carriers was being conducted waters off South Korea’s east coast. It was the first time in a decade that the United States Navy had mobilized three carrier groups in the same drill in the western Pacific, and it represented the show of force that President Trump has said Americans ‘hope to God we never have to use’ against North Korea.”

This de facto response to those attempting to flee the incredibly cruel government in North Korea tells you nearly everything you need to know about the dictatorship.

Defectors who have made it as far as America have described horrific, gruesome tales of poverty and imprisonment in North Korea.  Citizens have been forced to harvest grass from local parks in order to feed their families, and those who have been sent to the nation’s concentration camps have detailed practices within that would have turned Adolf Hitler’s stomach.

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