Roy Moore

Deep State Shill McConnell Threatens to Ruin Moore if He Wins Election

For a split second, it was possible to believe that Mitch McConnell was truly concerned about the allegations levied against Roy Moore.

Certainly, the accusations made by Moore’s alleged contacts are disturbing, but one must be a bit more callous in times of political contest.  The timing, as well as the overly salacious nature of these 30 year old claims are both extremely dubious, and a transparent attempt to derail the swamp draining candidate.

The Deep State came out in force, however, despite the doubtful nature of the situation, immediately outing themselves with their incessant calls for Moore’s removal from the Senate race.  The leader of this Washington elitist ring of RINO’s is Mitch McConnell – a shill of the highest order – who has been hellbent on sabotaging President Trump’s agenda from day one.  Now, as Moore continues to lead the polls in Alabama thanks to the common sense instilled in the people of that great state, McConnell has begun a new campaign of anti-Moore nonsense.

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“Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) discussed the U.S. Senate special election in Alabama scheduled for December 12 and what impact GOP hopeful Roy Moore could have if he emerges as the winner.

“McConnell did not go as far as to say the U.S. Senate would vote to expel Moore should he be elected, but he did predict Moore could have an ‘ethic issues,’ and the ‘aftermath” of his successful bid would be dealt with after voters go to the polls.”

Here is one of the more disturbing exchanges from the piece:

“‘MCCONNELL: They’re going to make the decision in Alabama —’

“‘INGRAHAM: Should you in the Senate invalidate that by expelling him out?’

“‘MCCONNELL: We will deal with the aftermath the decision of the people of Alabama make on December 12.’

“‘INGRAHAM: So you think it is a possibility he could be expelled from the Senate?’

“‘MCCONNELL: I think there is a possibility he will have an ethics issue.'”

Not only does this demonstrate the bias that McConnell has against populist politicians, but it lends even more credence to the idea that Roy Moore is a real threat to the Washington D.C. status quo:  A reality that is likely galvanizing the voters of Alabama even more than this first attempt at burying Judge Moore.

Moore is currently leading liberal democrat Doug Jones by 6 points in the polls.

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