Deep State Continues Moore Massacre With McConnell Suggesting…

Editorial credit: Christopher Halloran /

Washington D.C. has been running scared for a year as Donald Trump continues his work draining the Beltway swamp.

The establishment politicians that have long inhabited the nation’s capital, (and Capitol), have been growing fat on lobbyist steak dinners and special interest cocktail hours for decades, largely ignoring the will and the wishes of the American people who they are forced to pander to every so often when an election rolls around.  This system of thinly-veiled oligarchy has led to a massive class conflict between the elitists in power and the American people, whose hopes and dreams are routinely rerouted in order to fulfill the Washington establishment cretins’ own wishes.

Donald Trump was a bit of a revelation in that department, as the populist President sauntered into the Oval Office with a stern message for those creature of unfortunate habit:  I’m going to drain the swamp that you call home and replace you with men and women dedicated to the preservation of the American Dream.

Judge Roy Moore of Alabama is cut from a similar cloth as the President when it comes to this sentiment, and this has thoroughly frightened the status quo RINO republicans of the capital.  They are so thoroughly concerned about the possibility that Mr. Moore goes to Washington that they have begun an incredibly transparent smear campaign that has mimicked the unverifiable horror that Hollywood is currently experiencing.

Now, even Mitch McConnell, an establishment miscreant if there ever was one, has made no qualms about denouncing Moore – a member of his own party.  McConnell today took his statements further by outright suggesting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions head back to Alabama to reclaim his Senate seat as opposed to Moore continuing his campaign.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday publicly floated the idea of getting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take his old Senate seat, as Republicans continue to seek alternatives to Judge Roy Moore.

“McConnell made the comments to the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council while talking about who could mount a successful write-in campaign, like Sen. Lisa Murkowski did in Alaska in 2010. McConnell said she was popular in the state and was universally well-known, qualities that Sessions has in Alabama.

 “‘The name being most often discussed may not be available, but the Alabamian who would fit that standard would be the attorney general,’ McConnell said. ‘He’s totally well-known and is extremely popular in Alabama.'”

This has made for uncomfortable chatter in the halls of power, especially when it comes to AG Sessions.

Many have become concerned that Sessions has been outed as yet another Deep State swamp creature whose position of power could be used to stymy President Trump’s progress in revolutionizing American politics; something that the American people specifically hired him to do.

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