Decaying Democratic Party Begins Candidate Blitzkrieg Ahead of 2020

After the election of 2016, there was a great deal of uncertainty about the future of the democratic party.

Their inexplicable decision to put forth Hillary Clinton as a candidate was something that many lifelong democrats will never forgive the party for.  Clinton, who remains one of the most flawed and corrupted politicians in the history of United States, stood absolutely no chance again patriot populist Donald Trump – something that a great many polls were screaming in the lead up to the election.

Even the democratic base was perplexed.  Every indication was that Bernie Sanders would have made for a much closer contest in November, yet Clinton was forced through to the nomination in what was later discovered to be a massive bit of collusion between Hillary’s campaign and the DNC.

Now, as the democratic party continues to wane into obscurity, a number of stalwarts have begun posturing for their chance to be obliterated by Trump in 202o.  Some of the names being bandied about are downright absurd, proving once again the desperation of the imploding political entity.

“Aides to Senator Kamala Harris of California say that her fund-raisers in Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons this summer have been all about helping Democrats in 2018. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s allies say his new political group is building an email list so he can communicate directly with his supporters about the future of the party and the country. And Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio says he has been traveling to Iowa and New Hampshire in part because ‘I like being out around the country.’

“But the packed fund-raising calendars, brisk political spending and trips to early primary states suggest that in fact a shadow campaign for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination is already well underway.

“In interviews, more than three dozen leading Democratic donors, fund-raisers and operatives agreed that it was the earliest start they had ever seen to the jockeying that typically precedes the official kickoff to the campaign for the party’s presidential nomination. It is a reflection of the deep antipathy toward President Trump among Democrats, and the widespread belief that the right candidate could defeat him, but also of the likelihood that the contest for the nomination could be the longest, most crowded and most expensive in history.

“’They used to start coming to talk to you two years before the election. Now, it’s six months after the last presidential election,’ said the Wall Street billionaire Marc Lasry, a major political donor who has met recently with several Democrats mentioned as prospective presidential candidates.”

Given the nation’s massive conservative uprising, it is unlikely that anyone will fare well against Donald Trump in 2020, let alone a pure democratic politico.

While their deafening defeat in 2016 has apparently not completely torn the hope from their bleeding hearts, the nation and its people are far from accepting the democrats as a legitimate political power.  Their willingness to bet it all on Hillary Clinton in 2016 has demonstrated the moral chasm that the left is able to ignore in order to maintain what little power they currently possess.

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