Death Taxes are Immoral and Disgusting

I wish I was born at a time when ‘taxes’ was still a dirty word.

Taxes really are the antithesis of freedom. We live in a country that claims you are born with unalienable rights that cannot be taken away, and yet it seems that if our moral compass points towards ‘not my problem’ we’ll pass damn near any policy.

There is growing sentiment in America –stoked by the radical left in all areas of government – that your money does not belong to you. That is a lie. It’s abhorrent that this even needs to be explained in a free country.

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When you work a job, you are exchanging your time and labor for a predetermined price agreed upon between you and your employer. The money you earn for your labor is yours and no one else’s (unless you’re married, I suppose…).  It is true that we have a government that we’ve consented to perform certain duties on our behalf and that costs money. Taxes are but a necessary evil to achieve this end.

With that said, can anyone explain to me the logic or morality of taking half of someone’s estate upon their death? Or even any of their estate?

Most people work for their entire lives to earn less than what the government manages to spend during my lunch break. During that time, after saving what’s left by the IRS, they manage to buy a house, a car or two, put their kids through college, or whatever they want (you know, since it’s their money), and possibly have some left over at the time of their death. Maybe they even own a business that they’d like to leave to their kids.

Taxed to DeathThe bottom line is that it’s theirs to do with as they please, but the government doesn’t see it that way. Radical progressive ilk like Elizabeth Warren and Barrack Obama, people who live off the dole of the American tax payer, don’t really think that money ever belonged to you. One would think that taxing the money when earned and every time it’s spent would be enough, but no, they think your death somehow grants them some additional authority to step in and take another massive chunk.

This is among the most disrespectful, disgusting, immoral policies of the United States government, and it should be said so more often. I frankly don’t care if it only applies to wealthy people. Rights and principles are not contingent based on how much money you have. Is there really any doubt in your mind that these tyrants would seize every dime from you after your death regardless of how much it is? If we don’t start rejecting these policies on principle, that day will come.

You should never have to sell your parents’ estate or business in order to satisfy the greed of the federal government. The death tax is an abomination and should be abolished – end of story.

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