Dear President-Elect Trump: A Note from One of Your Voters

By Karissa Cost

Dear Mr. Trump, our President-to-be,

I watched you last night, watched you walk on stage of the Trump headquarters to address our nation. I saw a person, not a politician. I heard a man speak with a confident humility and thank the family and team that supported him in this unprecedented endeavor. As cliché as it sounds, I wanted to freeze this moment in history. You challenged traditional politics. And, America welcomed your challenge.

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It is a sexy idea, the idea of change…this idea of greatness, of possibility, of victory…and, I won’t for a minute poo-poo any of it. With all the negativity swarming around us and even inside us, I don’t want any part of negativity right now. I’d rather revel here, in a great state of hope, and hope, for every last one of us, that our nation will become remarkable again.

I’m sure you encompass most, if not all, of the habits of highly effective people, as unpacked by Stephen R. Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’m struck this year—professionally, personally, and spiritually—with the rich concept of our “circle of influence” that dwells within our larger “circle of concern”.

Right now, each citizen of our country is sitting in the center of his/her circle of concern, or bubble of concern, if you will…from climbing insurance rates, to unstable border control, to devastating unemployment rates, to even the reality that YOU won…and not HER! Each citizen’s area of influence is much smaller than all these concerns. Yet, we each have influence…we each play a role in the success of our great nation.

I ask you, in humility, how do we help you? How can we step out of the reactive zone of our concern bubbles and into our proactive zone—the zone of influence? You asked us to bind our wounds and come together. What does that look like? How does that translate to each American?

Help us, Mr. President-Elect. Help the American people know how to support you. Require of us to be victors, not victims. Encourage us to guard our negative words and thoughts and to protect the image and integrity of our nation and citizens. Teach us to align with you and support you, and even accept that you and your cabinet will make choices we may dislike.

If you will lead us, we can follow. Teach us. This type of leadership—we need it and value it. And, right now, while we wait for you to begin leading, we can and will pray for you.

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