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Dear Mr. President, Rip off the Band-Aid, Sir.

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We are charting in uncharted territory.

We have the Democratic Party, who have decided to set themselves against the Trump Administration, now calling themselves the “Party of No.”  We have former President Obama just 2-miles from the White House organizing what has become known as a “Shadow Government.”  We have ordinary citizens, in a whirlwind of sheer emotions, taking to the streets and disrupting airports, Town Hall meetings, macing fellow citizens, and strapping vagina caps to their foreheads while chanting “Don’t sexualize me.”  We are living in crazy times.  Yet, this is our new reality.  We need to respond to what is and not what we would like it to be.

As such, Mr. President, we ask that you rip the Band-Aid off and drain the swamp in the various departments.  We humbly ask that you do so decisively and swiftly.  Our America is under attack and the enemy is from within.


Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette is a former adjunct Professor, a conference speaker, and radio host. Kathy has also appeared several times as a Political Commentator on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends based in New York. She has been invited back on numerous occasions to speak on topics related to Security Moms, Islam, terrorism, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Kathy is the Founder of

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