Dear Iowa Conservatives, Don’t Waste Your Vote and Let Trump Win

To the voters of Iowa,

Last time I wrote to you, I asked you to vote for Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] because he is, in my opinion, the candidate best suited to beat the Democrats in November. I noted three moments in Cruz’s life that I believe showcase his character, fearlessness, and skill. Today, as you go to your voting station, I’d like to ask you two more things. What are you fighting for? And what are you fighting against? If you’re fighting for a restoration of our constitutional values, and against further erosion of our liberties, then I’d like to suggest you don’t waste your vote.

I’m not asking that you choose a “lesser of two evils,” I’m asking that you make sure the person you vote for will win in Iowa. This is not a letter for Trump supporters, but for supporters of Ben Carson, [score]Rand Paul[/score], Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum.

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You may absolutely love Ben Carson. Although I don’t believe he’s ready for the presidency, I respect him deeply as a person. If you’re planning to vote for Ben Carson today, I’d ask that you consider the following: If Donald Trump wins Iowa, he becomes that much more powerful. An Iowa win would provide Trump with a surge going into New Hampshire and South Carolina.

As I mentioned before, I don’t believe for a hot second that Donald Trump is a real conservative. He’s flip-flopped on numerous critical issues, he currently advocates for a socialized healthcare system, he’s said conservatives need to be “a little establishment” if they want to get things done, and Washington insiders are even beginning to support him. He’s a deal-maker in the worst way possible.

Beyond policy and insider talk, what turns me against Trump is his character, or lack thereof. I’ll accept that he takes pot-shots at people all the time, but back in November, he allegedly mocked a handicapped reporter in front of an audience of thousands. I only use the word “allegedly” because I have to. Watch the video of Trump speaking about New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, and see for yourself.

I’m my opinion, Donald Trump doesn’t have the personal character to be president. And if you plan on voting for Ben Carson or Rand Paul, I’m assuming you don’t like Trump for the same reasons I don’t. Unfortunately, in Iowa, neither Carson nor Paul have a chance; they simply haven’t gained the momentum. At this point, only one of two people will come in first place: Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. You know this, and you are surely aware of the danger of a Trump victory.

You may believe Ted Cruz is smug, or too abrasive, or he may simply be your second choice. Regardless, today in Iowa, a vote for anyone but Ted Cruz is effectively a vote for Donald Trump. Therefore, a vote for anyone but Ted Cruz is a vote against constitutional conservatism–because if Cruz doesn’t win, Trump will.

I’m not asking you to stop supporting your chosen candidate. What I’m asking of you today is that you support the constitution. Ground yourself in the reality of the situation at hand, and know that if you vote for Carson, Paul, or any of the other conservatives aside from Ted Cruz, you are not only wasting your vote, but you are passively participating in a Trump victory.

If Trump wins Iowa, and subsequently uses that momentum to win the nomination, constitutional conservatism will have taken its last breath, and it won’t matter if you voted for Rand Paul, or Ben Carson.

Don’t let Trump win. Please cast your vote for Ted Cruz.

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