Dear #I’m WithHer Voters, What are You Endorsing with Your Vote?

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We’re in the midst of an unprecedented election. On the Republican side, we have a populist megalomaniac who changes policy positions on a minute-to-minute basis. On the Democratic side, we have a serial liar who put her own interests above those of the American people.

Needless to say, I can’t vote for either candidate, and will only go to the polls on November 8 to vote down ballot.

There are diehards on both sides who will defend their candidates to the teeth regardless of what they’ve done or said. These are the cultists, and they cannot be reached. However, I’m very troubled by the casual #I’mWithHer crowd; a group of people who know exactly what Hillary is, but are supporting her nonetheless.

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I have many friends who are “with her,” and this article is directed at them.

Everyone acknowledges that Hillary Clinton is a serial liar. That’s been proven time and time again. However, let’s look at two of her most prominent lies, one of which is reletively trivial, while the other has serious implications.


During a speech on March 17, 2008, Clinton lied about landing under “sniper fire” when she went to Bosnia in 1996. After CBS called her out on her flagrant lie, Clinton conceded on March 24 to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that she “misspoke.”

“That’s what I said when I was sleep deprived. You can read my book, and I said something very different. I misspoke.”

Clinton is more careful when describing what happened in Bosnia in her 2003 memoir, Living History. However, after she was caught the first time, claiming to be “sleep deprived,” CBS found three other instances from the previous months in 2008 and 2007 when Clinton told the same “sniper fire” story.

Take a look:

To anyone planning on voting for Hillary Clinton, I have to ask: Are you comfortable voting for someone who not only lied about something so trivial, but continued to lie even after being caught?


After the email scandal broke in March of 2015, Hillary Clinton said on multiple occasions that she turned over all work-related emails.

Here’s an exact quote from her March 2015 press conference:

“I responded right away, and provided all my emails that could possibly be work-related, which totaled roughly 55,000 printed pages.”

It turns out, that was a lie. It turns out that much of what she said was shown to be false by the subsequent FBI investigation.

During his testimony before the House, the following exchange occurred between Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and FBI Director James Comey:

GOWDY: “Secretary Clinton said all work-related emails were retuned to the state department. Was that true?”

COMEY: “No. We found work-related emails–thousands–that were not returned.”

During the FBI investigation, Comey and his colleagues not only blew the lid off that lie, but several others as well.

Contrary to what Clinton said, she did not use just one device for “convenience.” Contrary to what Clinton said, there was indeed classified material on her server. Contrary to what Clinton said, the former Secretary of State’s attorneys did not read every one of her emails individually. Contrary to what Clinton said, work-related emails were deleted from the server.

Here’s a rapid-fire video in which Gowdy asks Comey these critical questions:

On one hand, you have the Bosnia lie, which is so trivial. On the other hand, you have her email lies, which have severe national security implications. Hillary runs the gamut, which shows she’s unwilling or simply incapable of telling the truth. It’s pathological.

I frequently hear from Clinton supporters that “every politician lies,” or that Clinton’s lies are “just politics.” That’s a cop out. Much of politics is corrupt, but if we continue to vote for people who embody that notion, we become accomplices in the decline of our nation.

You can’t even claim passivity. When you vote for someone, you are actively affirming that politician, and every decision they’ve made. You’re effectively saying “I know that she’s frighteningly corrupt, but I’m marking this piece of paper which will help her become leader of the free world.”

Whatever may come as a result of her ascendency will not be her fault, it will not be the media’s fault, it will not be the system’s fault. The burden falls on you because you chose her.

Looking at all of this–and I noted just a sliver of her corrupt behavior–can you go to the ballot box and endorse Hillary Clinton? I didn’t even mention the new revelations about BleachBit. Google it.

I’m not telling you to vote for Donald Trump. The same standard applies for him. I cannot and will not cast my vote for Trump because it would mean that I endorse his repugnant behavior. Similarly, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, not simply because her policy positions are anathema to my beliefs–both economically, and socially–but because she is a deeply corrupt human being. I cannot endorse that. I cannot affirm that. I cannot sanction that.

Please think about that.

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