Dear Hollywood Liberals – America Doesn’t Care about Your Opinion

The folks at Patriot Update have put together another brilliant video that shreds the whiny liberals in Hollywood for their sanctimony and insanity.

Who isn’t getting tired of the constant whining and moaning that seems to emanate from the liberals in Hollywood?

Whether they are worrying about climate change, or wringing their hands about fracking, or simpering about sexual deviancy… they always seem to have some phantom cause to be complaining about, don’t they? It’s time that they realize none of us care a whit about their feelings, thoughts, or opinions. It’s time that we deliver a message to these coddled, self-centered, left-wing windbags – and that message is… shut up and dance.

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All we want from you is entertainment. Leave your opinions on life, politics, religion, and culture at home.

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