Dear Governor Pence, Where are You? [UPDATED with Endorsement!]

We’re four days away from what could be the most pivotal moment in this entire primary cycle, and the one man who could make a discernible difference in the race is staying on the sidelines.

Where are you, Mike Pence?

This race has narrowed to a two-man contest, and I find it incredibly difficult to believe you’d back Donald Trump over [score]Ted Cruz[/score]. If you believe, like millions of Americans do, that Donald Trump is a dangerous candidate, how can you remain an onlooker, and refuse to back the only alternative?

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[score]Ted Cruz[/score] must win the state of Indiana–and do so handily–in order to keep alive the possibility of a contested convention.

Perhaps you’re a John Kasich fan (some people love the Matrix sequels), but you have to know that Kasich has no chance at winning the nomination. However, even if you want John Kasich to emerge from a contested convention as the winner of the Republican nomination, you still need to endorse Ted Cruz.

Currently, the RCP polling average has Trump a scant 6.3 percentage points ahead of Ted Cruz, but the FiveThirtyEight Polls-Plus forecast gives Cruz a 58 percent chance of winning Indiana. It’s a tight race in your state, and Kasich is in a distant third. FiveThirtyEight has Kasich’s chances at one percent. If Donald Trump wins Indiana, the hope of a contested convention grows that much dimmer.

If you want Kasich, fine. But to get him, you need Donald Trump to lose Indiana.

However, if you’re like the rest of us (by which I mean a sane constitutional conservative), you want [score]Ted Cruz[/score] to win the Republican nomination. If that’s the case, what are you waiting for?

  • Do you want someone who reveres our founding documents, or someone who may or may not have even read them?
  • Do you want someone who has a rock solid record on illegal immigration, or do you want someone who yells a lot about a wall, but supports “touchback” amnesty?
  • Do you want someone who respectfully engages those with whom he disagrees, or do you want someone who lobs ad hominem attacks at his opponents because he can’t defend his positions?
  • Do you want someone who mocks the physical appearance of his opponent’s wife, or someone who doesn’t?
  • Do you want someone who has been on every side of every issue (sometimes in the span of days), or do you want someone who has a consistent record, and a well-planned list of solutions for the country’s most pressing problems?
  • Do you want someone who spent years donating to Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Terry McAuliffe, or do you want someone who hasn’t?
  • Do you want someone who mocks a physically handicapped reporter, and dismisses John McCain’s time as a POW, or do you want someone with basic decency?
  • Do you want someone who praised Barack Obama for doing a “great job,” or do you want someone who recognizes the damage done by the president?
  • Do you want someone who only became pro-life after his friend’s son turned out to be “a total superstar” rather than a “loser,” or do you want someone who has always believed that the unborn should be protected from being torn apart by serrated clamps?
  • Do you want someone who said Hillary Clinton would be a “great president,” or someone who knew from the outset that a Clinton presidency would be a disaster?
  • Do you want someone who wants to hand out death sentences to the unborn for crimes their fathers committed, or do you want someone who is ideologically consistent on life?
  • Do you want someone who tells bald-faced lies on a daily basis, or someone who doesn’t lie like he breathes?

This is a simple situation, so forgive me if I don’t understand your reticence to endorse [score]Ted Cruz[/score] over Donald Trump. Are you afraid of Trump? Are you afraid of his supporters because of their threats to delegates? Are you a closet Trump fan? If so, just come out and say it. Otherwise, I have no recourse but to call you a coward.

There’s no logical reason for you to stand on the sidelines when your endorsement could very well tip the scales.

Governor Mike Pence, endorse Ted Cruz, or get ready for a Trump nomination, and a humiliating defeat to Hillary Clinton in November.

It’s a staggeringly easy decision, and you’ve already waited too long. Don’t wait another minute.


UPDATE: Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) has FINALLY endorsed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President.

“I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative who’s dedicated his career to advocating the [Ronald] Reagan agenda… I really admire the way Ted Cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in opposing runaway spending, deficits and debt, calling for and leading on repealing Obamacare. And I also have to tell you I’m, I’m very impressed with Ted Cruz’s devotion and knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, of the freedoms that are enshrined there in our bill of rights from our liberties to our second amendment… It’s for those reasons and just as much in support of the principles that have always animated my public service that I’m voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary,” Pence told the Greg Garrison radio show on Indianapolis radio station WIBC-FM.


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