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Deadly Temperatures Are Set To Invade America…Are You Safe?

All good hoaxes must come to an end, and this week’s frigid and dangerous arctic blast may be another nail in the coffin for the “global warming” charlatans.

The idea that the entire globe is somehow filling with greenhouse gasses, thusly heating the planet up to the point of no return, is patently absurd.  Even the liberal science community believed 30 years ago that this process would likely cause a mini ice age, before dramatically shifting to their current hangup regarding an increase in temperature.  The reason for this abrupt change was not some scientific breakthrough, rather, the idea that the earth could become uninhabitable via heat is a much more profound problem.

And if the left is good at anything, it’s exploiting problems to achieve their political goals.  (Just look at their response after any shooting incident).

Now, as the United States prepares for the unfathomably cold air from the arctic to descend upon our nation this week, more than a few Americans are going to have a little chuckle about the progressive chicanery known as “global warming”.

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“Relentless and punishing, repeated blasts of cold air will continue surging into the Lower 48 through the first week of the New Year. Only the western United States will be spared.

“This cold is likely to be the nation’s most extreme since February 2015 and, over a long duration, will produce dangerously low temperatures and wind chills over large portions of both the central and eastern United States.

“Temperature some 15 to 30 degrees lower than normal will grip much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation up to seven to 10 more days. Some parts of the north central United States could see temperatures an astonishing 40 to 50 degrees colder than normal this weekend.”

These unseasonably cold temperatures will likely continue well into the New Year, creating a scary situation for the young and the elderly, especially if inclement precipitation were to become a factor as well.

While the west will be somewhat spared from this horrific chill, the rest of the nation should prepare for some of the most uncomfortable weather in recent memory.  In times such as this, it is important to heed the warnings of your local weatherman, and prepare for the worst.

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