Deadly Silly: Soros-Inspired Left Ramps Up Violence, Cosplay

Anybody remember when the Left was so shocked during the presidential debates when Donald Trump refused to say that he would accept the results of the election if “Lady Capone” Hillary Clinton won?

Of course she didn’t, despite having every advantage that a years-long criminal conspiracy backed by a Nazi-associated socialist billionaire’s money can buy. So now we’re treated to daily examples of how the suddenly “patriotic” Left accepts the legitimate results of a national election when they lose.

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There’s no end of ironies, recriminations and bitter truths in what we’re seeing now. The Left — from the dimmest peer-influenced street muscle, to the paid anarchist agitators, to the hoi polloi Democratic infiltrators, to the elite elected officials — are going to keep pushing until their “Resistance” becomes a true insurrection.

Case in point: UC Berkeley, former home of the Free Speech Movement, just this week witnessed a full-fledged mob attack hell-bent on stopping conservative Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos  from speaking, and conservatives who came to hear him from existing.

People were beaten. Multiple fires were started. This was mob violence unbridled, and facilitated by the politicking of faculty and administrators in the UC system, who have been encouraging students to “resist” the purportedly fascist Trump.

On the surface, this liberal rebellion — more of an ongoing tantrum, really — is absurd. The parade of cosplay outfits, from “pussyhats” to Guy Fawkes masks to the black hoodies and ski masks worn by the Berkeley barbarians, would be laughable if not for the fact that real people are really getting hurt.

The street conflict is being aided with a full-on news and social media onslaught that won’t even allow President Trump to breathe without criticism. Just the other day, Trump held a press conference to mark Black History Month. During the event, as he sometimes does when speaking extemporaneously, he flubbed his words and used a present-tense verb to describe Frederick Douglass. All of a sudden the headlines are bleating that Trump is delusional and thinks Douglass is still alive. Oh, and Ben Carson looked funny, some of the twitterati claimed.

Seriously, that’s what passes for reporting these days.

Similar treatment was in store for Trump when a Holocaust memorial event didn’t use the word “Jews,” even though it praised the “heroes of the Holocaust” and used plenty of other laudatory language. It was also a speech written by a Jewish staffer, but that didn’t protect Trump from renewed cries of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

Then there was law professor Rosa Brooks, a senior fellow at George Soros’ New America Foundation, who proposed four ways to remove Trump from office before his term is up, including a military coup. A coup was also the subject of several tweets by entertainer Sarah Silverman.

Any extended liberal freakout wouldn’t be complete without a dose of mental instability provided by Democratic members of Congress. Sen. Tim Kaine was on MSNBC the other day, calling on liberals to “fight in the streets” to stop the Trump Administration from whatever it is Democrats think they’re against. His fellow elected officials have made frequent appearances on camera and radio, vowing to block Trump’s Cabinet choices and other nominees.

But the “totally serious” icing on the cake has to be the announcement by Anonymous — as far as anyone can tell, at least — that has given Trump until the end of February to resign, or else. Or else what, you may ask. More of the same, apparently, as the bold-sounding claim threatens “a day of resistance.” Color me not impressed.

Your ground-level leftists remain ensorcelled by the woolly lies and promises of their handlers, without any capacity for self-reflection or empathy. These are people who will, to your face, call you a fascist while beating you over the head with a baseball bat for wearing the wrong-colored hat. The real rebellion, though, is at the top.

You may notice that behind many of these meltdowns, demonstrations and publications, lurking in the shadows, is the name George Soros. There are other multibillionaires whose names occasionally surface, but it’s Soros who has for decades been the driving force in erecting the infrastructure of an invisible government designed to overthrow traditional American beliefs, morals and institutions, and replace them with his global socialist vision of a single world government with himself or his hand-picked henchmen at the controls.

The American Left has been his chosen tool that was supposed to bring the plan to fruition with Hillary Clinton as the latest in a long line of puppets. He chose poorly when he picked her, and everything we’re seeing now — the climate of fear, the violence, the true terror — is the aftermath of that failure as the fortress crumbles, the Eye of Soros falls, and the minions of the shadow empire congeal and repackage themselves without any sense of irony as “the Resistance.”

The Left will keep pushing. Unless conservatives and normal Americans want to concede to the long-foreseen revolution that will install the socialist tyranny envisioned by Soros and his servants, then we may be called upon to fight back. Not metaphorically, but in actuality.

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