North Korea

Dead North Korean Defectors Washing Up On Shores of Japan

The international community has been united in their condemnation of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, but an old sin has resurfaced recently in the hermit kingdom.

Kim Jong Un’s reign over the tiny Asian nation, like his ancestors before him, has been contingent upon the diminutive dictator’s ability to keep his pudgy thumb placed firmly atop the ambitions of his own people.  The cruel and horrendous conditions in which the North Korean people reside is often proof enough of the humanitarian crisis in the rogue regime.  Stories of families surviving by eating salads of fresh grass picked from a local park are far too common, and we must remember that these are the lucky ones.  Millions of North Koreans have perished during bouts of famine in the totalitarian nation as recently as the 1990’s.

Furthermore, Kim and his goons have maintained control over the population through the continued use of concentration camps where stories of habitual torture and murder have turned the stomachs of even the most seasoned humanitarian aid workers.

As such, there are no shortage of defectors from the communist country, who often risk death just to escape the clutches of Kim and his military.

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Just today, Japan received a boatload of possible defectors from North Korea who all perished during their journey to freedom.

“A skeleton-filled ghost ship carrying the remains of eight ill-fated seafarers washed ashore on Japan’s North Korean-facing coast, the Japanese Coast Guard said Monday — days after the body of a suspected North Korean man and parts of another wrecked wooden craft were discovered on a Japanese island.

“The grisly find could be evidence of desperate defectors trying a new route to freedom after despot Kim Jong Un has clamped down on those fleeing the Hermit Kingdom this year.

“A Japanese resident spotted the 22-foot wooden boat Friday floating in Miyazawa Beach in Oga, Akita Prefecture, along the Sea of Japan, Japan Times reported. Officials searched the vessel Sunday and Monday and found several of the remains were ‘skeletonize,’ indicating a long period had elapsed before it washed ashore. The remains were so severely decomposed it was hard to decipher if they were men or women. The 68-year-old woman who initially spotted the boat told Kyodo News she saw rescue workers carrying skeletal remains using stretchers.”

This gruesome discovery comes just days after a North Korean soldier was caught in the act of defecting and fired upon by his fellow countrymen.  When he was finally recovered by the South Korean military and examined by a doctor, it was discovered that he was riddled with parasites to the point that doctors were actually startled.  Seeing as the members of North Korea’s military are considered elite citizens, one can only imagine the condition of the non-military residents of the nation.

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