Dead Manatee Statue To Replace Confederate Monument in Florida?

Historical revisionists have been on a rampage in the last few years, working tirelessly to remove any trace of the Confederacy within the United States.

While the erroneous claim that the Confederate battle flag represents slavery, and therefore bigotry, has been around for decades, the massacre of church-going African Americans by delusional scumbag Dylann Roof in 2016 set off a new wave of Civil War revisionists looking to erase history.  Roof was photographed before the rampage sporting the Stars and Bars, leading many to believe that his white supremacy was somehow contracted by his viewing of the battle flag.

Of course, this is completely flawed logic.  Roof appropriated the flag for himself, and was not inspired by the design to commit his atrocious act of violence.  Still, the left got their way, as they often do, appealing to retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to remove Confederate merchandise from their stores.

In the ensuing months, the nation has faced a number of similar threats to the history of the War Between The States, including pathetic capitulation to these revisionists in cities such as New Orleans where Confederate monuments are being removed as to not offend anyone.  (I guess offending the descendants of the Confederate soldiers who fought an died in the Civil War don’t count).

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Now, as Florida comes up next on the Civil War chopping block, one absurd suggestion has garnered a number of petition signatures:  Replace a Confederate monument with a statue of a manatee who recently died in a tank maintenance accident.

“Hours after the death of Snooty, the world’s oldest known manatee, someone began circulating a petition calling for a Confederate memorial statue to be replaced with a statue of the beloved manatee.

“’Snooty the Manatee has been a symbol of Bradenton, FL for almost 70 years. He suddenly passed away on July 23rd 2017 and was the oldest living Manatee on record in the world. Subsequently, there is a Confederate memorial statue that stands directly in front of the old courthouse just blocks away from the aquarium where Snooty resided. To honor Snooty’s legacy as a positive icon in Bradenton, I propose that the negative symbol of racism and oppression that is the Confederate monument be relocated and replaced with a statue of Snooty the Manatee,’ said the petition’s author Anthony Pusateri.

“Thus far, the petition has 84 supporters, more than 100 signatures short of its goal. Pusateri says it will be sent to the mayor and other city officials.”

This asinine suggestion truly emphasizes the lack of understanding of those looking to censor the nation’s historical reality.

Men and women who chose to fight for their rights, and the rights of yet-to-be-created states in America, could and should be celebrated.  The idea that the south was fighting merely for the right to maintain slavery has been thoroughly manufactured by northern progressives as a way to divide the nation and provide their children with an air of elitism over their southern counterparts.  By simply removing this statue for reasons of hatred, the northern attitude becomes just as ugly as the false accusations that they are making about the Confederacy.

By replacing the historical significance of sacrifice, death, and honor among southern Americans with the statue of a sea cow is entirely insulting.

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