Robert De Niro

De Niro’s Just Desserts: Trump Supporter Surprises Bob on Broadway

It is simply unnerving that this needs to be said so often in modern day America, but here goes:  If you desire for our President to fail, you also desire our nation as a whole to fail.  It’s just that simple.

Yet the left plays the role of indignant moral compass on a daily basis, while speaking forcefully out of the sides of their mouth regarding their hopes of seeing Donald Trump impeached, jailed, or even dead.  These liberals have likely not thought for a moment about what that truly entails.

Should the President be deposed, violently or against the belief of We The People, (who voted him into office, remember), there is little doubt that our nation could devolve into utter chaos.

The public opinion surrounding Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election has dipped to unprecedentedly low levels, nearly clearing a path for the President himself to call an end to the nonsense.  If Mueller were to whip out a pair of presidential handcuffs, you had best believe that the nearly 50% of the nation who disagrees with the existence of this witch hunt will be reacting vociferously to the news.

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Similarly, if our Commander in Chief is assassinated by the liberal left, (who have been sending dog whistles to their rabid followers for well over a year now), it could very well tip off a Civil War in this nation.

And then there is the “resistance” movement being propped up by Hollywood celebrities and the doting democrats who worship them.  One of the most prominent of these pathetic, progressive voices has been Robert De Niro – acclaimed actor and now director of musicals, apparently.

During a recent showing of the De Niro directed “A Bronx Tale” on Broadway, one Trump supporter showed the foul-mouthed actor that We The People won’t be bullied.

A Trump supporter tried disrupting a performance of the Robert De Niro directed musical “A Bronx Tale” on Saturday — standing up during the curtain call and displaying a “Keep America Great!” flag towards the audience.

“The times we live in,” tweeted audience member Joe Del Vicario, along with a pic showing the Broadway protest.

“At the end of [the performance], a man turned around and faced the audience to show us how big of a pair he has,” Del Vicario explained. “He was escorted shortly after.”

“How big a pair”?  To be fair, this audience member was in the first row.

As of this writing, there has been no public reaction from De Niro, but we wouldn’t doubt that any such response would be fit for print, given De Niro’s recent potty-mouthed petulance.


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