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David Hogg Turns His Attention Mongering Into Attacks On War Veteran

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from the Parkland, Florida Valentine’s Day massacre, it’s that David Hogg should have been the President of the Drama Club at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Hogg, whose claim of being a “survivor” of the horrific tragedy has come under fire in recent days, has become an icon of the liberal left’s neo-Fascist plan to neuter and ultimately repeal the Second Amendment.

In fat, Hogg plays the part of a radical, gun-grabbing totalitarian well, even co-opting some of the symbolism of tyrants past with his armbands and raised arm salutes.

David Hogg
I mean, c’mon. How do you miss this?

Hogg’s rhetoric is equally fiery, as the young man employs the “fake it ’til you make it” lessons of self-important activists the world over.  If your entire political resumé reads “Rode bike to school on day of shooting to get on television again”, I’m automatically going to cast a little shade your way.

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Hogg is an attention-monger, plain and simple, having put himself in the spotlight just weeks before the Parkland massacre during a California confrontation between a police officer and a body-boarding local.

There’s our little social just jackass, fighting for the rights of Dude-Bros everywhere to set their boogey-boards on top of trash cans while they decide which strain of the sticky goes best with the surf breaks this afternoon, (or, rather “morning” for these “athletes”).

Now, as his 15 minutes of fame begin to fade, Hogg has been forced to reach out and confront actual difference-makers in order to keep the spotlight in his general direction.

David Hogg, the Parkland shooting survivor who has become a high-profile gun-reform advocate after the Feb. 14 mass murder of 17 people, on Friday turned his attention to Sen. John McCain, the top recipient of National Rifle Association money in Congress.

“Why do you take so much money from the NRA?” Hogg, 17, asked in a reply to a McCain Twitter message about the Phoenix-area “Rio Reimagined” redevelopment project that was launched Friday.

McCain’s office could not immediately be reached for comment, and McCain had not responded to Hogg’s question on Twitter.

For all the guff we give McCain here at, he is still technically a Republican Veteran who understands the vital importance of the Second Amendment.

As for McCain’s unwillingness to engage the brat on Twitter, the aging Senator has been a little busy fighting brain cancer, David.

Also, for the record, and even with all of his faults, any fingers that McCain would use to respond on social media would themselves have more worldly experience and political tact than the entirety of David Hogg’s measly existence.


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