Is the David French Candidacy a Push for Hillary Clinton?

The David French candidacy is being reported as Bill Kristol’s alternative to Donald Trump.

Here’s Herman Cain on “Conservative Denial Syndrome” and the David French candidacy.

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Of course, the conservatives are merely being useful tools for neocons like Bill Kristol who is the organizer behind this bad joke.

Cain describes the two possibilities: Either the David French candidacy will be inconsequential (the more likely scenario) or he will be a spoiler who gets Hillary Clinton (or some other Democrat) elected to the White House.

“Conservatives” are claiming this is a matter of principle. It will be interesting then to see what happens if enough money is spent to give the David French candidacy some legs. Will they attempt to get on the ballot in all fifty states or will they only worry about key states where they can prevent a Trump victory and thus hand the White House to Hillary? Watch which states French campaigns in and see if he is really trying to do the impossible and win a national election. I predict that it will be obvious he is hoping to give us a Hillary Clinton presidency.

I can understand an individual being so repulsed by Donald Trump that they refuse to vote for him. Voting is a strange decision—akin to deciding whether to join a tug-of-war contest involving millions of people. If someone wants to sit this one out because of Conservative principles, I may disagree but I understand.

But starting a campaign to ensure a Hillary Clinton presidency? Engaging in the personal sacrifice necessary to campaign all to burden the nation with another Clinton White House? There is nothing conservative about that. It is plain evil. That’s why I used quotation marks above when I referred to “conservatives.” Those investing time and money to give the White House to Hillary Clinton can’t be called conservative in any real sense.

Back in early May, David French wrote in the National Review about why Conservatives must not vote for the only candidate who can stop Clinton:

First, it is absolutely vital that conservatives stay firm in their opposition to Trump. For at least a generation, the Left has been arguing that American conservatism is shot through with racism, sexism, and xenophobia. And now millions of Americans will face the difficult task of rebutting charges of hateful bigotry while supporting a man who gives aid and comfort to avowed racists, incites violence, and can’t even consistently disavow the Klan.

So at least we know that David French is enough of a liar to campaign as President. Perhaps French will soon come out with a repudiation of Herman Cain as an Uncle Tom.

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