David Brooks Reluctantly Admits Immigration Is a Problem [VIDEO]

Establishment moralist David Brooks admits that elites are not only hurting the middle class, but the country.

When David Brooks admits that immigration may have gone too far too fast, I want to check outside to make sure the world hasn’t ended. However, his comments were extremely weak while his language against Brexit and for EU betrayed a religious zeal.

Below is the video. David Brooks begins 37 minutes in.


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Here is a transcript:

Well, in country after country, we’re seeing a conflict between what you might call urban cosmopolitans and less well-educated ethnic nationalism, and ethnic nationalism is on the rise.

And I agree with everything that Ivo, Richard and Margaret were saying, but it should be said — and I covered — I lived in Brussels for five years at the Maastricht Treaty, when all this was coming together — and the elites, as much as I hate the leave — the fact that the U.K. is going to leave the E.U., the elites in some large degree brought this on themselves.

There was built into the European unification project an anti-democratic, a condescending, and a snobbish attitude about popular democracy. And, secondly — and this is also true here — and I’m as pro-immigration as the day is long, but we have asked a lot of people who are suffering in this company to accept extremely, radically high immigration levels.

And we have probably overflooded the system. And so while it’s easy — and I do condemn the vote to leave, get out — a little humility is in order on the part of the establishment, frankly, that we have flooded the system with more than it can handle. And, secondly, we have not provided a good nationalism, a good patriotism that is cosmopolitan, that is outward-spanning, and that is confident. And, therefore, a bad form of parochial, inward-looking Trumpian nationalism has had free rein.

So David Brooks suggests tapping the brake lights while the car goes over the cliff. That’s not nearly enough and it won’t have any effect but I’m surprised he dared even to say this much.

Of course, we could never trust the people who made such irresponsible decisions. They would only pull back on the damage just enough to what they think will satisfy voters. But why would voters keep such people in office. The only way to adjust the system in a way to support the national interest is to completely reset the system. And obviously Trump is the only candidate who has shown any evidence he is willing to do that.

But it is obvious that Donald Trump is an infidel in David Brooks’ religion. “I hate the leave,” he tells us. Why? Why should anyone hate the democratic decision of a sovereign nation? They didn’t declare war on anyone. They didn’t even start a “trade war.” Given his logic, why does Brooks think he has reason to hate leave—the campaign for Brexit?

Brooks pretends to be a policy wonk and a pragmatist, but that is just to rationalize his lack of conservative principle. When it comes to the “progressive” New World Order political agenda, David Brooks is an ardent believer.

Zeal for the EU consumes him.

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