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Dairy Queen Owner Sends Liberal Snowflakes into Mass Hysteria With Sign

There are few things that remind me of growing up in America more succinctly than stopping for ice cream after a little league baseball game.

Win or lose, hits or outs, there was comfort in partaking in something so purely joyful and innocent.  It didn’t matter where you went, or what your choice in flavor was, there was something magical about those moments as a child.

This was, of course, in a time before political correctness in America became a weaponized piece of the leftist puzzle.  Now, something as “American as apple pie” will likely offend those who are allergic to apples or believe that America has lost its way.

An owner of a Dairy Queen restaurant in Wisconsin must have also felt the pangs and power of a time gone by, and decided years ago that he would not abide by the left’s incessant drive to see the U.S. turned into an aseptic, bland, and character-void land of litigious zealots.  To make his point, this particular small business owner installed a sign at his establishment that made it very clear to his customers where he stood.

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Of course, the liberal snowflakes lost their minds.

“‘This restaurant is politically incorrect,’ the sign warns. It then continues to list some of the things that patrons might expect to see inside the restaurant, such as giving free ice cream to veterans on Veterans Day, and saying ‘Merry Christmas.’

“‘I felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country. It just seems that those kinds of values and principles are becoming controversial in society,’ Scheunemann told CBS 58.”

Recently, 4 years after the sign was installed, one delicate leftist decided to lambast Scheunemann via social media for his “politically incorrect” verbiage.

While that rant made national news, unsurprisingly, a wonderful and somewhat unexpected event occurred right behind it;  a number or social media users came to the store owner’s side to defend the values being displayed.

Of note was one comment of encouragement that explained that, if this commenter had their way, that sign would be twice its size.


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