Daddy-Daughter Dance? NO WAY Says Trans-Trender School in NYC

Where will we as a nation draw the line between political correctness and tradition, especially when it comes to the upbringing that our children deserve?

One of the most talked about, argued over, and confusing social subjects of recent years has been the sudden onslaught of liberal interest in the transgender community.  What was once a tight knit community of adults who had grown to realize that they weren’t connecting with themselves in the same way that others were, was catapulted to the status of national fad by former President Barack Obama, whose golden touch turned the once-fringe issue into a national trend.

Suddenly, our nation was overflowing with trans-everything.  The number of Americans identifying as something other than their birth gender, (which is also a hotly debated concept among the liberals who dwell in fantasy land), has skyrocketed after Obama’s attention came to the community.  The sheer number of those who now have decided to identify as “trans” is a great indicator of just how diluted the situation has become.

There is no debate over the idea that social justice warriors have, in large, turned to their own masculine and feminine urges in order to stack their own trans-cred up against others in the SJW crowd.  After all, millennial liberal politics are more fashion than function, and always have been.

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These angry leftists refuse to yield, of course, since their only solace comes from weaponizing their opinions, given the lack of factual, biological information they can rely on.

Furthermore, the most vocal of these trans-trender twerps aren’t experiencing gender dysphoria, an actual condition that some Americans do face.  Rather, they are facing the prospect that they won’t get as many Facebook “likes” without their pronoun crusades and constant infighting.

This nonsense has now taken away one of the most precious memories that many of our nation’s young women have:  The traditional daddy-daughter dance.

“Officials opted to postpone the father-daughter dance at a school in Staten Island because it excludes other genders, claiming city policies forced them to scrap the tradition.

“Some parents say being politically correct has gone too far. As for the disappointed girls at PS 65, they say they’ve been getting ready for the dance for months.

“’I’ve got my shoes, I got my dress,’ one student said.

“’It’s really fun! I go with my dad, I see my friends,’ Victoria Cugini said.”

“’It’s kind of a let down,’ 5th grader Angelina Lubo said. ‘At least I could still spend time with my dad.'”

These despondent young women weren’t the only ones sounding off about the absurdity either, with parents and grandparents chiming in as well.

“’It’s supposed to be father and daughter,’ grandparent Traci Javois said. ‘Father and daughter need to have a relationship, you know, feel good.’

“’It’s father-daughter dance, not a grandmother slash son slash daughter dance,’ another parent said. ‘Absolutely not.’”

The idea that the liberal world is now dictating the methods in which we raise our nation’s children is beyond despicable, and absolutely needs to be examined on a national level.

Positive male role models are incredibly important to young women in America, and those who would argue that point are doing so simply to garner attention or street cred among their radical leftist Twitter followers.

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