Watch What Happens When This Dad Finds Out Son Had to Share A School Bathroom With a Girl [VIDEO]

Michigan resident Matt Stewart has his three sons in Southwest Elementary School in Howell, Michigan. One day after school, his 9-year-old informed him that he had to share the boys’ restroom with a girl. After confronting school officials about the matter and receiving unsatisfactory answers, the dad decided to pull all three of his kids out of the public school.

According to Matt Stewart, his son was given a couple options: He could use the unisex bathroom for additional privacy, or he could use the boys’ restroom but “stand a little closer to the urinal” to avoid exposing himself.

In a letter sent to parents from the school, they advised the following:

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“…With respect to restrooms, the government stated that transgender students must be allowed to access those facilities ‘consistent with their gender identity.’ Any student who desires additional privacy in light of this directive may, however, make use of individual-user restrooms….”

WXYZ – the local ABC affiliate in Detroit – pointed out the irony of the situation:

Ironically perhaps, this federal policy came out in May, a month after parents of a transgender student in another state won a lawsuit. The suit claimed the Gloucester County School Board violated Title IX, a law banning sex discrimination in schools, when it banned 16-year-old Gavin Grimm from using boys’ restrooms, and forced him to use a unisex bathroom.

Now, this Howell dad claims that is the option being suggested for his son.

It is rather ironic that the transgender community claims that gender-neutral restrooms are “discriminatory,” yet that is exactly what this school is now doing to “non-transgender” boys who are uncomfortable with sharing the boys’ restroom with others of the opposite sex.

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