On DACA the Ball is in the Democrat’s Court

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We’ve always known that President Trump was sympathetic to the DACA DREAMers, he said it during the campaign and he’s given them concessions since winning the White House. The biggest concession he’s made was delivering DREAMer status to every DACA eligible recipient, whether or not they’d applied for DREAMer status. That meant instead of 800,000 or so DREAMers, our nation suddenly had 1.8 MILLION DREAMers, and the President has said he’s willing to grant them all permanent legal status and even amnesty!

So the ball is really in the Democrat Party’s court.

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What would the Democrats need to do to get every DREAMer the legal status they’ve been dreaming about? Nothing much, just pass a bill that would get President Trump’s Southern border wall built.

After the massive budget the GOP and Democrats just passed what’s another few billion dollars, if it means getting amnesty for the DREAMers?

The problem for DACA’s DREAMers is that the Democrats don’t want to solve their problem. The Democrats want to continue to use the DREAMers as a way to divide the American people and to make the President and the GOP look bad.

Thankfully, President Trump isn’t going to stand for the Democrats games. In fact, he’s already offered them everything (and more) than they’ve asked for… and yet, the Democrats still haven’t gotten DACA passed.

But one of the things that was very important to me with respect to the budget was DACA. I did not want DACA in the budget. I wanted DACA separate so that we could talk about it and make a deal. And I hope to be able to make a deal. I hope the Democrats are not going to use it just as a campaign. You know, they’ve been talking about DACA for many years, and they haven’t produced. We started talking about DACA, and I think we’ll produce.

But if the Democrats want to make a deal, it’s really up to them, because we want really tremendous border security, but we have to have Democrat support for DACA, and they are starting that process today. We didn’t want to have it in the big budget, because if we have it in the big budget, it’s going to get mixed up with all of the other things.

So now we have our military taken care of, and now we start very serious DACA talks today. And I can tell you, speaking for the Republican Party, we would love to do DACA. We would love to get it done. We want border security and the other elements that you know about. Chain migration, you know about. The visa lottery, you know about. But we think there’s a good chance of getting DACA done if the Democrats are serious and they actually want to do it.

But they didn’t want tax cuts. They fought, we didn’t get one vote for massive tax cuts that have turned out to be unbelievably popular. And what came up, which was even a surprise to us, were, the big companies stepped up, and millions and millions of people have gotten tremendous bonuses. Nobody knew that was going to happen. That  was just the beginning point.

So we didn’t get one Democrat vote, not one, for the biggest, and I think that’s a big political problem for them, if you want to know the truth. They are going around saying they made a mistake, because the tax cuts have now, you see what’s going on; it’s spurred the economy. Unemployment is at virtually record lows. Black unemployment is at the lowest level in history. Hispanic unemployment is at the lowest level in recorded history, which is really something that’s so great. It’s amazing what’s been going on with the economy.

Here’s the President’s full comments:

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