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Cuomo To Commander In Chief: NO NEW YORK NAT’L GUARD FOR YOU!

The pathetic and progressive “resistance” to President Donald Trump comes in all shapes and sizes in 2018, with a growing number of flailing, flummoxing troublemakers throwing their hats in the ring to make a name for themselves in the process.

A great many of the rhetoric-based rabble rousers come to us from Hollywood and the cult of celebrity that surrounds it.  CNN personality Kathy Griffin may be one of the most well known, growing infamous a year ago for her gruesome photo shoot that depicted the self-described D-list comedienne proudly holding an ultra realistic mockup of the severed head of the President…an image that gave way to the attempted assassination of several members of Congress just 14 days later on a baseball field in Virginia.

Lawmakers have also been at the forefront of the anti-Trump agenda, with the Deep State democrats and their closeted republican allies working overtime in order to stymy the agenda of the President for which the American people overwhelmingly voted.  The latest of these liberal legislators to throw their hat in the resistance ring is Andrew Cuomo, the avowed leftist currently serving as the Governor of New York.

In response to a sensational and complex series of hypotheses as to what is occurring at the southern border of our great nation, Cuomo has outright refused to allow the Commander in Chief to call on the New York State National Guard…a direct violation of the Constitution in the eyes of many.

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“The administration’s unconscionable treatment of families at our border is a moral outrage and an affront to the values that built this state and this nation,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“New York will not be party to this inhumane treatment of immigrant families,” the Democrat lawmaker continued. “We will not deploy National Guard to the border, and we will not be complicit in a political agenda that governs by fear and division.”

The move follows Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s decision to limit state resources used to separate immigrant minors from adults.

Luckily for Cuomo, Donald Trump is not New York resident and 2016 democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton, who has a habit of making those who cross her “disappear” or die.

While many Americans fear that a New Civil War could be on the horizon in our country, actions such as those taken by Governor Cuomo certainly do not squelch those concerns, and by involving the state’s military forces in his “resistance”, Cuomo is toeing an extremely dangerous line.


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