The “Cult-Like” Atmosphere on Liberal College Campuses

Professor Bret Weinstein has found himself embroiled in a bit of a circus at his place of employment, Evergreen State College. Weinstein is a liberal who objected to attempts by his liberal students to force white students and professors into skipping school for a day. The protesting students felt that it would be a good thing to segregate the campus by forcing all the white people to leave, and Weinstein responded by writing a thoughtful critique of the planned protest. (You can read his letter here.)

That reasonable response to a ridiculously considered protest turned the liberal campus community against the professor, forcing him to hold his classes off campus due to threats of violence.

Weinstein recently sat down with Joe Rogan to talk about the turn of events and the insanity which has seemed to sweep across our nations most liberal colleges.

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(I love watching liberals learn firsthand about the close-mindedness of today’s left, and the terrible lengths liberal activists will go to in an effort to destroy their opponents. It’s an opportunity for conservatives to say, ‘we told you so.’)

Is Weinstein a racist?

Weinstein: The people who have talked to me privately and expressed concerns are actually quite a diverse group, so it’s not as if white folks are disturbed by this and people of color are united. It’s not at all like that. Part of the hidden story here is that in order to advance certain policy proposals it has to appear that the community is united behind them and that anybody that stands against them is standing against them for illegitimate reasons. So that means that the number of people who are willing to express any sort of nuance about what’s taking place has to be small and they have to be dismissable. So what they did is they called me a racist. Which is ironic because I’m an anti-racist. I really have gone out of my way to, first of all, study the question of why racism occurs and I believe have been pretty courageous in fighting against it wherever I run into it. So to challenge me with that particular epithet was a mistake on their part. It was a strategic mistake. And I kept trying to tell them while this was still internally being discussed in the college. I kept trying to tell them that they should really check the concept that I’m a racist. They should ask. Because if they did, they would discover that they were actually way off the mark and then they would have an interesting puzzle on their hands. Then they would have to explain to themselves why they had found themselves hurling this most poisonous term at somebody who not only isn’t a racist but is pretty nearly the opposite.

On the redefining of what Racism is:

Weinstein: This also actually points to something pretty important and for anybody who travels this ground themselves, they’re going to discover this. Many of the terms that are being used have been redefined, but they haven’t been fully redefined. So one of the things that I’ve seen in several places is that a term like racist has been redefined so that the bar for being a racist is so low that you couldn’t possibly help but trip over it. But then, once you’ve tripped over it and you have accepted that you are a racist, then the stigma goes back to the original definition. So it is the dodging and weaving between the two definitions that actually does the heavy lifting.

Rogan: Well there’s also a really disturbing idea that’s being bounced around lately that it’s impossible to be racist if you’re anything other than white, which is ridiculous.

Weinstein: Preposterous. Anybody who looks up the actual definition of racism will discover that that’s preposterous but yes that does pass in certain places as logical.

Professor Weinstein on the liberal bubble that is enclosing college campuses around the planet:

Weinstein: Well, this is the most shocking thing. I’m, you know, I haven’t been censured. I haven’t been suspended. I’m still on the email distribution lists, so I’m watching the traffic inside of my college and I’m able to compare it to the huge flood of stuff that I’m seeing from the outside world as they get wind of what’s going on at Evergreen. The difference is a million miles. Inside of Evergreen, actually, we are descending further into madness. The faculty are blaming the fact that the campus had to be suddenly closed due to a threat from the outside yesterday on me, for having talked about this in the outside world… The intensity and the out-of-touch nature of the discussion inside the college simply reinforces the impression that something is desperately off, that what we really have is a filter bubble that is so strong that even when the world sends very clear evidence that you’ve missed something somewhere and it’s time to rethink what you’ve been doing, they’re not waking up. 🇺🇸

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