Cue The Liberal Pitchforks and The Tired “Hitler” Comparisons

This week marked a new low for the mainstream media, who demonstrated a torrid obsession with the President’s alleged use of foul language in a room full of negotiating adults.

The incident itself was a nothing-burger of the greatest order: The democrats in a room with the President think they heard him say the word “sh–hole” when referring to certain other nations of the world.  Sure, that would be a terribly rude thing to say, if Trump even said it, but how on earth can the media justify the amount of time they’ve spent analyzing this non-issue?

Right on cue, the left has turned to abhorrent attacks on the President’s sanity, his fitness for office, and his ever-present “racism”.  And, of course, the left has bought a first class ticket for Adolph Hitler on the insult train.

“The media reaction to President Trump using the word ‘sh*thole’ to describe countries some immigrants are fleeing was swift, harsh, and … hysterically hyperbolic.

“In the hours after The Washington Post’s report surfaced, reporters and anchors on the major news networks called the president ‘evil,’ a ‘neo-Nazi,’ a ‘terrorist sympathizer,’ a ‘danger’ to non-white Americans, and so, so much more.

“To help keep track of it all, we’ve assembled the following compendium of the most unhinged media reactions to Trump’s comments over the last 18 hours.

“A writer at The Root, Jason Johnson, said these comments show Trump is a ‘white supremacist,’ a ‘terrorist sympathizer,’ and a ‘danger’ to non-whites.

“MSNBC guest and former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, Erika Andiola, said the comment proves Trump’s policies are rooted in ‘white supremacy.’

“‘A lot of this has been rooted in white supremacy since the beginning,’ she told Joy Ann Reid. ‘These policies are rooted in racism.'”

Of course, this tired course of conversation has been par for the course when it comes to the left’s lambasting of President Trump, as it behooves the left to sow the seeds of hate in order to segregate their voter base into tidy little minority groups.

Once again, we are seeing the bias of the media exposed for exactly what it is:  A hypocritical ball of hatred, bouncing around the echo chambers of the left.

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