Why Cruz Campaign Proves we are No Longer a “Nation of Laws but Men (Women)”

Our Founding Father, John Adams is quoted as saying: “We are a nation of laws and not men.” He said this to express the fact that we were not ruled by men. Whether king or emperor, all were to be governed and judged the same.

Unlike the many nations of the world, swept up in divine right or democratic despotism (France), we were a nation that was founded on a written law. This law, the Constitution, was to be the final authority. We were not to look to figureheads or talking heads. We were to look to the standard, and it was to guide our law making and our political decisions. But, we see that this is a long dead concept.

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The Washington Standard reports

And here come the slipups just like Michelle Obama has done concerning her husband. Just days ahead of the Indiana primary, Heidi Cruz, wife of Texas Senator Ted Cruz told a crowd that one of her husband’s strengths is that he is an immigrant.

“Ted is an immigrant,” Mrs. Cruz said. “He is Hispanic.”

Now here is the wife of presidential candidate Ted Cruz telling a crowd of people that here husband is an immigrant? Can you imagine the prospect that we are now going to make the same mistake possibly three times in a row?

But, this is not new. Of course, we all remember the spill from Trump, but what about Cruz’s running mate.

The Standard continues

“Well, I don’t know all the particulars, but I would say this, I find it odd that Senator Ted Cruz did not renounce his dual Canadian citizenship until 2014, when it became clear he was running for president,” said Fiorina. “Clearly, there are both legal scholars, and others who think this is, perhaps, a legitimate issue.

And now for the worst part of this story. If you go and confront Cruz supporters with real evidence as Tim Brown has, the response is shocking. The same people who wanted Obama’s birth certificate and college records, now are willing to look the other way when it is their man.

Forget the law as long as my horse wins the race.

Well, I tell you, brother, you better check that horse’s teeth, you just might be getting a Cuban horse.

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