Crowds Across America Boo Democrats, Pelosi called “Criminal” by Angry Protester

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Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) probably didn’t expect to run into an uncooperative crowd while speaking during a Tax Day (read anti-Trump) rally in San Fransisco on Saturday, but that’s exactly what she found.

As the House minority leader railed against Trump and against Russia, doing her very best to connect dots that don’t connect, one member of the crowd stopped her cold and shouted her down.

NTK News was there:

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“Every week we ask the same question: what do the Russians have on Donald Trump, personally, politically, and financially?” Pelosi told the crowd.

At this point, a protester began shouting at Pelosi, accusing her of “planning a war with Russia,” and calling the minority leader a “warmonger” and “criminal.”

“You’re all war criminals, waterboarder. You’re planning a war with Russia, you want world war,” the protester continued to shout at Pelosi.

At this point, people in the crowd started to quiet the protester.

“She never talks to us,” the protester yelled. “She hid for all those years”…

The protester would not stop, yelling at Pelosi about Obama’s failed promises to end the war in the Middle East…

Pelosi then started about talk about people who she thinks are being negatively impacted by President Trump’s agenda, specifically the poor.

“They die in your city, ” the protester shouted. “Homeless and poor are starving”…

“She never debates anybody, she never talks to anybody, she never holds town halls,” the protester shouted.

The majority of the crowd may have been on Nancy’s side, but it’s nice to see that not everyone in Crazy-fornia is as taken with her as she thinks.

A short aside here, why in the world are Democrats holding protests on “Tax Day”? Are liberals actually protesting lower taxes, and less government involvement in their lives? Is this actually a thing that some people want to protest? What I didn’t hear at the tax day protests around the country was even more telling. I didn’t hear any liberals promising to send more money to Washington, D.C. I heard them talking about taking our money, but I didn’t hear any of them offering to freely give more of their own money to our government.

Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the only Democrat getting blasted by the voters, DNC Chairman Tom Perez found himself also getting booed at a “Unity Rally.”

While the socialist crowd happily cheered their comrade Bernie Sanders (I-VT) the roundly booed the Democrat leader, Perez.

I’m not sure there’s a nicer sound in the world than the sound of a crowd booing Democrats.


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