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Crisis Actors, Staged News, False Flags, and the Death of Journalism

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  —Joseph Goebbels

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”  —Winston Churchill


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Things Are Seldom What They Seem

My mother used to say, “Things are seldom what they seem.”  As a child, I doubted that the word “seldom”—although it sounded good—was the proper word.  I thought that “Things are not always what they seem” seemed more appropriate.

Recently, on vacation, I had cause to use a community washing machine.  The half-dollar machine was larger than the dollar machines, so I preferred it.  One morning, I found an out-of-order sign on the half-dollar washer, so I used another.  Later, a man appeared, removed the sign, and put his clothes in the half-dollar machine.  The moral to the story: An out-of-order sign’s true meaning is that a person put up an out-of-order sign, and nothing more.

In today’s world, most news reporters behave as the man in the above story.  In such an environment, news stories are seldom what they seem.


Kelly Accuses Jones of Blaming Innocents for Their Own Deaths

By the 42nd second of the Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones, Kelly is accusing Jones of blaming innocent children for a terror attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester (  Kelly also attacks Jones for calling the Sandy Hook Shooting a hoax.  Jones explained what he was covering was the story that it may have been staged.  Jones is interesting, in that he generally tends to present multiple possibilities, rather than one sacrosanct narrative—the opposite of what Leftists do.


Omitting the Fuller Context

Kelly omits the reason Jones entertains the possibility that Sandy Hook is a false-flag operation ( designed to gain support for victim-disarmament legislation.  Many conservatives know of the existence of crisis actors, hired by government-aligned media, to give non-descript eyewitness reports that provide no real information.  Faux-journalists like Kelly never discuss them.


Crisis Actors

The advantage to fake-news media of using crisis actors lies in the ability this provides to fit events to a chosen narrative, without risk of contradiction from “eyewitnesses.”  Anyone new to the idea of a “crisis actor,” can watch the Youtube link entitled “CNN Crisis Actor Caught AGAIN — 4th Time!” ( where the same woman plays the role of “eyewitness” in several unrelated news accounts: the NTSB Train Derailment, the Boston Bombing, the Watertown Shooting, and the Sandy Hook Shooting, courtesy of the Thursday, June 11, 2015, episode of the Pete Santilli Show, entitled “CNN Crisis Actor Caught!”  Santilli’s study of how this bespectacled woman materializes on four occasions, all in differing locations, is startling, lending credence to the notion that unsettling conspiracies between Hollywood media and Leftist globalists do exist.


CNN Caught Staging Fake News

Recently, CNN was caught in London staging non-Muslim women to look like Muslim protestors of the Manchester Jihad Attack (  It is obvious from watching video of this that CNN is comfortable staging news events as though they were Hollywood motion pictures.


Was Manchester a False Flag?

Was the Manchester Attack itself a false flag, an event staged—or allowed to go forward—by a complicit government, to provide a story around which to frame its narrative and divide the people?  This sounds like a harsh question to ask, but keep an open mind.


Pre-Attack Crisis Rehearsal

Shortly before the Manchester event, a terrorist attack-rehearsal ( was held on May 10, 2017, at Manchester’s own Trafford Centre, wherein police simulated a suicide bombing, like the one that was reported twelve days later at an Ariana Grande concert.

Truth Unveiled, a Youtube-based civilian-journalism outlet (, has posed interesting questions in their video exposé ( entitled “Manchester Explosion, Ariana Grande: You Don’t Actually Believe This, Do You?”: 1) Given an audience with thousands of cell phones, why has no photo or video of the explosion been produced?  2) Why is there not a single pictorial representation of Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber, among all the photos and videos taken at the concert?  3) Why does the arena announcer, despite a terror attack, inappropriately tell the exiting crowd, “Take your time . . . there’s no problems here. . . .  Thank you for coming and having a good time tonight”?  4) In light of the filming of all Ariana Grande concerts, why does this particular concert not have footage available for public consumption?  Truth Unveiled’s video production values are good, with arrows indicating visual clues to apparent mismatches between official versions and recorded events.


Crisis Actors Pretending to Be Parents?

In yet another video called “Grande Hoax – More Fake Crying and Real Smiling” ( many “parents” of child victims of the Manchester Jihad Attack smile or laugh inappropriately while being interviewed.  Laughter can be a nervous reaction to grief, but this is unusual.  The sheer number of interviews broadcast with grief-stricken “parents” who laugh and smile raises serious questions about the people involved, since these kinds of interviews are not uncommon for crisis actors.  Google “crisis actors smiling” and take a look at the results (  People in the know easily understand why Megyn Kelly’s interview with a “parent” of a child victim at Sandy Hook, who is offended by Alex Jones, carries little weight for Infowars enthusiasts.  “Probably just an actor,” the thinking goes.


Crisis Poster-Child: Kid Dies Twice, Once in Sandy Hook & Again in Pakistan

A child who died at Sandy Hook, one Noah Pozner, succumbed once again at yet another school shooting—this time in Pakistan (, which only affirms the pervasiveness of staged-news propaganda in today’s media circus.  The Noah Pozner story was originally posted on Twitter by Omar R. Quraishi ( and was also covered by Infowars (


Even a Bloody Shoe Can Lie

A photo-representation of a bloody shoe has seen multiple uses in the media.  The BBC reported the fraud: “It’s a tragic, heartbreaking image—but not for the reason you think.  A photo of a small child’s bloody shoe has been widely shared . . . in the wake of a Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan that’s left at least 135 people dead—most of them children. . . .  A search on the photo-lookup site TinEye reveals it has been used in the past. . . .  BBC Trending tracked down the photographer, Edi Israel, who says he took the photo . . . in Ashkelon in May 2008.  In that incident, a rocket was fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza into Israel, injuring dozens.  ‘I’m horrified to know that the picture has moved to Pakistan, and that it’s being used like that,’ Edi Israel says.”


David & Francine Wheeler, Crisis Actors

David Wheeler ( and Francine Wheeler ( are both actors with their own IMDB web pages.  The authenticity of the entries can be tested.  Taking David Wheeler’s page, as an example, you can click on the link to the movie The Dark Redemption, find “Stars: David Wheeler, Leah McLeod, Damian Rice | See full cast & crew »” and click on the “See full cast & crew” link to find his name listed in the cast (  The movie itself is available for viewing online (!  Students of crisis actors can watch Wheeler and find his screen credit at 21:36 and again with the full cast at 22:14.  It is also possible to see Wheeler in The Leaving of Liverpool(, in which Wheeler’s credit for playing Mr. Finlay appears at the 3:18:41 mark.


Sandy Hook and the Wheelers

Question: If Sandy Hook is not a hoax, why did the media employ actors to stage scenes related to the shooting?  The Wheelers, Hollywood actors, make appearances in news clips as “parents” of a murdered student.  And underscoring this reality is David Wheeler’s performance of two separate roles.  All of this is laid bare in a trilogy of Youtube videos ( & & called “Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ Caught Playing Two Roles • Crisis Actor Parent and Swat Team Member • Part 1 [& Part 2 & Part 3].”


Even Leftist-in-Chief Obama got involved, when Francine Wheeler gave his weekly presidential address.  In essence, the Left hired the Wheelers to push victim-disarmament with regard to guns.


Appearance versus Reality

With the staging of news increasing, the question is no longer whether or not false flags and crisis actors exist, but which events are making use of them and which ones are not?  My mother’s cautionary saying is indeed truer than ever: Things are seldom what they seem.

Dr. Paul Revere

Dr. Paul Revere is a patriot who believes in the ethic of Equal Protection afforded to all Americans under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. According to Dr. Revere, the job of our democratic republic is to safeguard our natural rights against tyranny, so that all people might live in freedom and safety, and anyone who stands in direct opposition to this ethic is an enemy of the American people who must be fought and defeated. Dr. Paul Revere is author of Teach Your Children the Truth About Islam: Parents & Teachers: Safeguard Your Families Against Miseducated Media & Apologist Educators, which is available in trade paper for $5.99 or as a Kindle download for $0.99 (

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