Father takes Page from Creflo Dollar’s Discipline Playbook

Remember about 5 years ago when Creflo had to take Anger Management classes after an altercation with his 15 year old daughter? Well, it seems that a Rock Hill, South Carolina father is in hot water after taking a page from Dollar’s playbook.

Sekari Arrie Feely, 36, was charged with assault after he struck his teenage daughter twice with a belt. Now the whole story has not yet been revealed, but by all reports his daughter not only was out way after her curfew but waltzed in the door at 2AM. This was after she had told him in an earlier phone call that she was going to do what she wanted to do (bad move, twinky head). Then not only did she walk boldly in the the door, but brought along a couple of friends and a boyfriend who flashed a gun at the father. Now it did turn out to just be a BB gun, but to me that is of little consequence. You flash a BB gun at a police officer and you might wind up dead.

Now I don’t know about any of you, but if I had walked into my parent’s home at 2AM when I was still a resident there (and maybe even now) getting popped twice with a belt would have had me thanking the Lord for mercy instead of calling 911. If I had walked in with a group of friends they would have probably been on the receiving end of my father’s wrath too. What kind of idiot children are these? If I had a friend who knowingly did something stupid they were on their own. I had to pay for my own sins I was not about to atone for theirs. That much like Jesus I am not and definitely was not when I was still a kid.

I also think this sets a bad precedent because I know parents who are going to see this and say, “If I am going to jail anyway I might as well make it worth it”.

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By the way, the girl’s grandfather reported that she was not harmed by the “assault” aka discipline.

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