The Crazy Campaign So Far: in Memes

From Jeff Dunetz at the Lid

It’s been the best of times, it’s the worst of times. Ahhhh screw-it the last few weeks have been nuts-–between the propaganda at the DNC, the media trashing the RNC, Hillary Clinton’s continued lies and denials, Trump’s continual shooting himself in the foot, and the liberals insisting that only Black Lives Matter (all lives matter is racist), and there’s so much more, sometimes you need to take a light-hearted look at things to prevent yourself from locking the doors and crawling into a fetal position. In that spirit, lets take a Meme-rable look at the some of the memorable things that happened during the last few weeks.

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As they say pictures are worth 1,000 words therefore these 19 pictures (including the one above) are the equivalent of 18,000 words.

All of the below are memes some of the pictures and all of the captions were created by the sick mind of mine. In some cases these were created from two different images fused together, others involved a bit of photoshop, but I hope you will enjoy them all.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is still an issue, despite (or maybe because) FBI Director Comey gave her a pass… But she pinky swears it will never happen again:


Yep, the Democratic Party standard-bearer, “Crosses her heart, hopes to die, stick a needle in her eye promises she will do a better job at protecting America’s secrets:

Hillary Clinton iTunes

The scuttlebutt in the beltway is that the FBI finally figured out what happened to those 30,000 emails that dissapeared when Hillary wiped her server clean:

DNC emails

Hillary had real problems at the convention. Many of the delegates simply didn’t like her (especially the Bernie ones). Reporters on the floor could hear many delegates ask:

Nurse Ratched Hillary Clinton




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