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Crazy Aunt Maxine Unveils Latest Insane Reason for Impeaching POTUS

Maxine Waters has been doing what she believes is her duty as a democrat by creating a nonstop barrage of insults aimed at the President of the United States.

Unlike in the past, when Presidents were respected for the mere weight of the office over which they presided, Donald Trump has been subject to an unstoppable litany of insults, attacks, and character assassination plots throughout his scant year in office.  The democrats have thrown gasoline on the fires burning deep within the liberal base, and many believe that a politically-motivated Civil War is likely on the horizon in America because of it.

Now, as congressmen and women continue to pile on a number of attacks aimed at defaming our Commander in Chief, one voice of pure insanity has risen above the rest:  That of Maxine Waters.

Waters, a very, very vocal opponent of President Trump, has put forth a bevy of excuses as to why she believes that POTUS should face impeachment.  Her latest reason, however, is her most pedantic yet.

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“’When I talk about impeachment, I describe what I think about this president. I think he’s deplorable and I think he defined himself in the campaign the way that he mocked and mimicked a disabled journalist, the way he talked about grabbing women by their private parts,’ she said.

“’The way he called names of his peers, etc., etc.,’ Waters told Bloomberg, apparently referring to his Republican primary opponents.

“’I think that’s unacceptable, and for people to allow this kind of behavior to be normalized is beyond what I believe our democracy should be all about, and so I encourage people and I inspire people and I show people that you don’t have to be intimidated. You don’t have to be afraid and you don’t have to be traditional,’ she said.”

Politics has long been the realm of mudslinging and muckraking, and Maxine Waters is obviously living in a fairy tale to believe that Trump should be impeached over such behavior.

Meanwhile on the left, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has been outed as a grotesque sexual predator for whom photographic evidence of his crimes have been provided, yet Maxine Waters has been slow to call for his ouster, highlighting the disparity of reality in which the democrats reside.

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