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CPAC Free Speech Crackdown Prompts Pissed Off Pam Geller To Cancel

While there is little debate over the fact that free speech in America is under attack, some of the battlefields in this war have been a bit surprising.

The most common concern among lovers of liberty in the United States as of late has been that of protecting the First Amendment.  This all important piece of the Bill of Rights is inalienable by definition, but that hasn’t stopped the maniacal miscreants of the liberal left from imposing their will upon the law of the land by employing the court of public opinion in their search for “social justice”.

By ignoring reality, and the actual laws that dictate America, the left has been steadily working to amend our right to free speech to exclude any opinions or ideologies that might be found offensive…by anyone.

It doesn’t take a sociologist to understand what a horrific idea this is, and those who have been diligently studying history will recognize the shades of authoritarian fascism contained within.  Yet, they continue to push this narrow-minded narrative into the stratosphere, vehemently opposing and censoring those with whom they disagree.

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Now it seems as though bits and pieces of this ridiculous push for censorship are reaching the conservative end of the spectrum as well, with right wing columnist Pamela Geller being forced to cancel her “free speech” forum at CPAC after the organization demanded that she exclude one of her esteemed journalistic guests.

“Conservative commentator Pam Geller revealed on Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday morning that her panel on free speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had been canceled because she refused to remove Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit as a participant.

“’Late last night, I received a call … demanding that I remove one of the speakers from the panel. I would not do this. I told them it was unconscionable that a panel on free speech — I mean, it’s, I don’t know if anybody sees the irony, and this just happened — and I’m sorry, I’m breaking it on the show, actually,’ Geller told Marlow.

“The panel was announced on Tuesday by Breitbart News. It was not officially organized by CPAC or the host organization, the American Conservative Union. It was sponsored by the American Principles Project (APP) in coordination with CPAC, and was to be held as a breakout session at the conference Friday afternoon.

“Geller said that she had been asked to exclude Hoft after a post at Gateway Pundit on the Parkland shooting in Florida last week. The site has published several posts criticizing the students who are advocating for gun control.”

Of course, Gateway Pundit wasn’t alone in publishing concerns over the validity of the message being disseminated by these all-too-properly biased children.

A survivor of the Parkland school shooting recently refused to appear during a CNN town hall on gun control due to the networks’ insistence that he not recite his prepared speech, instead reading a professionally crafted statement from the news organization itself.

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