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More Cowardly Overnight Statue Removals Hit University of Texas

As the left continues to embolden their terror-inspired mercenaries known as Antifa, a number of historical monuments are quietly being removed from the public eye.

The first in line for this cowardly removal were four Civil War monuments in the crime-ridden city of Baltimore, which were scurried away within the dead of night in order to avoid the reign of terror that Antifa and the radical left has been busy inflicting across the nation.  Other statues and memorials have been targeted by these ignorant cretins as well, and cities around the country have been contemplating how best to protect their citizens and their history.

In the case of the University of Texas at Austin, it seems that taking the same pigeon-hearted approach was the simplest option, much to the dismay of the state’s massive conservative population.

“Late Sunday night, 10 days before classes were scheduled to start, workers at the University of Texas at Austin began removing three Confederate statues from a prominent grass mall on campus.

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“The surprise news came with little notice, and the workers were done by sunrise. University president Greg Fenves announced that the statues of Robert E. Lee, Albert Sidney Johnston and John Reagan were being removed because they depict parts of American history that ‘run counter to the university’s core values.’ His e-mail to the campus community was sent just before 11 p.m. A statue of former Texas Gov. James Stephen Hogg was also marked for removal.

“‘We do not choose our history, but we choose what we honor and celebrate on our campus,’ he wrote. ‘As UT students return in the coming week, I look forward to welcoming them here for a new academic year with a recommitment to an open, positive and inclusive learning environment for all.’

 “Photographs from the scene showed workers using heavy machinery to pull the statues down. They worked under bright lights behind fences while police officers looked on.

“Hours later, the University of Houston announced that it would rename its on-campus housing facility named the Calhoun Lofts. The lofts, built in 2009, are on a Houston street called Calhoun Road, which is named after Vice President John C. Calhoun, who was a staunch slavery supporter. University officials say the lofts weren’t named after Calhoun, but that they would be renamed ‘out of sensitivity to our diverse student community.'”

All many heard were cowardly excuses from the university.

Locales across the nation have been conceding to the Antifa terror group and the radical left in the wake of the Battle of Charlottesville last weekend, ushering in a bold front in the liberals’ New Civil War.  This latest capitulation is merely a piece of the already disturbing pattern that will likely see many more pieces of American history erased in the not-so-distant future.

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