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“COVFEFE” License Plates Banned in Great State of Georgia

The “resistance” to President Trump has reached some absurd heights in recent days, but few would have predicted that the DMV would get involved.

Between the mainstream media, the radical left, and Hollywood, it seems as thought President Trump is completely doomed to fail.  You can hardly turn on the tv or open up Facebook on your smartphone without seeing some utterly classless and disparaging remarks about how the Commander in Chief has ruined something.

One of the most ridiculous criticisms of the President has come via his Twitter account, in the form of an otherwise insignificant typo.

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In an otherwise routine tweet aimed at his followers, the President had hoped to mention “negative press coverage”, but was tripped up via his thumbs into publishing “negative press covfefe” instead.  The social media post remained overnight before Trump had a chance to correct it, and the fictional covfefe became an internet legend in the span of the President’s slumber.  Apparently, however, the DMV in the state of Georgia doesn’t find the innocent mishap all that entertaining.

“Seven variations of the nonsensical word tweeted by President Donald Trump appear on a list that the state provided to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month, following the AJC’s request for a copy of the state’s list of banned license plates.

 ” So, along with ‘H0TBODY,’ ‘2SXC4U,’ ‘BUTT,’ ‘KKK’ and ‘PERVERT’ on the list of 8,000-plus banned plate combinations are ‘C0VFEFE,’ ‘C0VFEF3,’ ‘C0VFEVE,’ ‘C0VF3FE,’ ‘C0VF3F3,’ ‘C0VVEFE’ and ‘C0VVEFE.’

“But it’s not clear why the state would ban the ‘covfefe’ plates.

State law instructs the Department of Revenue to reject vanity plate combinations that are ‘obscene according to current community standards.’ The law also bans references to sexual acts (also on the current banned list is ‘SEXIE1’); body parts or any bodily fluids (‘UTERUS’); disparaging a religious belief (‘0MYG0D’); being, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation (‘WYTRASH’), phrases subject to copyright (such as ‘NISSAN’ and references to many pro sports teams, such as ‘STEELERS’), and references to drugs, alcohol, or criminal activity (‘MURDER,’ ‘SMOKIT’).

“But political speech — if that’s what ‘covfefe’ is — is not referenced in the law.

“For instance, neither the names ‘TRUMP’ nor ‘OBAMA’ appear on the list given to the AJC in any form.

“’Given the word “covfefe” has a political meaning, the state can’t ban it because there are no provisions for rejecting political speech in their statute, and I’d say it is unconstitutional because rejecting “covfefe” without rejecting all political speech means their decision is not viewpoint-neutral,’ said Bruce Brown, an Atlanta-based trial lawyer with experience in First Amendment law. “

This small piece of anti-Trump “resistance” is nearly as ridiculous as the word covfefe itself.

While the procurement of a vanity license plate may very well seem trite and insignificant on its own, the censorship of non-derogatory Trumpian imagery on a license plate is purely an attack on the 1st Amendment by a governmental agency.  Georgia’s DMV will print plates for two rival sports teams who share a hatred so incredible that it has its own Wikipedia entry, but it won’t allow a whimsical slip of the thumbs by a President to be printed.

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