Covertocracy: How Anonymous Intel Agents Are Running the Country [VIDEO]

With Donald Trump being blinded and selectively exposed by renegade intel community, the CIA coup attempt leaves us in a covertocracy.

The reason why we need to think in terms of a covertocracy is that it allows us to realize the deep state’s soft coup largely succeeds even if it does not officially end Donald Trump’s presidency.

Here’s what Judge Andrew Napolitano recently wrote (with my emphasis):

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When members of the intelligence community leaked lurid allegations about the future president’s alleged behavior in a Moscow hotel room, which he has vehemently denied, and when some leaked the partial transcripts of telephone conversations between retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the U.S. — shortly before Flynn became the president’s national security adviser — and when some leaked an intelligence report that contradicted the president’s publicly stated conclusions on the likelihood of dangerous people immigrating to the U.S. from the seven predominately Muslim countries named in the president’s now enjoined temporary travel ban, one can understand the presidential anger.

And leaks are a two-sided coin. Adding to Trump’s woes caused by too much revealing is the other side of that coin — too much concealing. This comes into play when one has a duty to reveal. That duty arises from the legal obligation of spies to pass on to their superiors — and ultimately to the president — all of the material information they have acquired about America’s friends and enemies.

Selectively concealing and revealing this type of intelligence data, thereby manipulating the presidential judgment, when one has a duty to reveal substantially all of it is a form of interference with a governmental function — namely, the president’s exercise of his judgment — and that is a felony.

I don’t know if it meets the legal definition or not, but it de facto is outright treason! People who we never elected, and aren’t even known, are permitted to effectively overrule and limit the President of the United States. We are living under a covertocracy.

As far as we know, thus far, these nameless bureaucrats have only kept back from the President information that they could later release to hurt him. But how do they know that is all that is involved. What about our ongoing operations in the Middle East? Is the President making decisions based on all the facts that are available? Or is he being give incomplete, or even false, intelligence to manipulate him into complying with CIA policy.

By choosing to pursue their subversive course of action, these intelligence agents have undermined the confidence Americans can have in their President’s decisions.

So, in a way, this CIA coup, is already successful. The President who was elected to lead is being led in turn by renegade intelligence.

Note that this entire controversy also prevents Trump from doing much regarding his promise of America First. This fixation on Russia has, at best, nothing to do with Trump’s promises to fix what is wrong with our country. At worst, it will move us toward another needless military action with a nuclear power, in direct contradiction to Trump’s promises.

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