Cover Model Killed at The Hands of Muslims Upset Over Her Clothing Choice?


As the world comes to grips with the newfound transparency on radical Islam’s war against non-Muslims, a shocking reminder has emerged in Bangladesh.

There is a battle raging as we speak over the entire perception of the Muslim faith between factions who live outside of the religion’s belief system.  On the left and progressive side of the argument, we have American democrats and their international counterparts denying that “radical Islamic terrorism” even exists, and refusing to utter the phrase.  Opposite these ignorant and oblivious obstructionists stands a wall of realists; human beings who have for years studied the tenets of the Muslim faith.

Regardless of ISIS and other radicalized Islamic terror organizations’ actions against the remainder of the world, the faith itself has been oppressive to women in unbelievable ways.  The punishments for going against the will of Allah as it pertains to womanly behavior are severe.  Stoning comes to mind.

Now, it seems that one distraught family is looking for answers regarding their daughter’s death, and they believe that the Islamic ideals had something to do with it.

“Muslim extremists murdered a Vogue cover model in Bangladesh for not wearing Islamic clothing, the victim’s family alleged after the authorities ruled the late 21-year-old’s death a suicide.

“’We primarily suspect it is a suicide case,’ Zillur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Shah Makhdum Police Station, told the Daily Star from India, referring to Raudha Athif, the young model from Maldives.

” Daily Mail reports, ‘An autopsy report carried out in Bangladesh ruled her death a suicide before her burial on Saturday. But her brother has since insisted that Raudha, who was Muslim, was murdered and that her death was made to look like a suicide.’

“’There have been a series of murders in Bangladesh which have been staged to look like suicides and Islamic extremists have been suspected to be behind these atrocities,” Rayyan Athif, 18, told the Sun.

“’Her style of clothing was branded as “immodest” and “un-Islamic” even though she adhered to the dress code in the college premises by wearing a veil covering her face,’ he added. ‘But she was criticized for wearing jeans and was repeatedly told she couldn’t wear it at the Muslim college – which has a lot of extremist connections and support.’”

This accusation comes only days after a radical Islamic attack in St. Petersburg, Russia, after which those claiming responsibility expressed their desire to eliminate “worshipers of the Cross” from the earth, further solidifying the Muslim faith as a gateway to possible prejudice and hate.


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