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Of Course: Dim-Witted Democrats Prematurely Shrieking for Impeachment

Not that we didn’t see this coming a mile away, but democrats in congress have already begun the incessant, annoying cries of impeachment this week.

Donald Trump, the fairly elected and uncontested President of the United States, has been in the crosshairs of angry liberals and defiant democrats for the entirety of his presidency.  Not only has the left turned a blind eye to the violence and unacceptable behavior of their constituents, but they have been actively encouraging the New Fascist movement to recruit and wreak havoc against any and all conservative figures.

Now, after the firing of the incompetent former FBI Director James Comey, congressional democrats are taking their rhetoric to the next logical step, and it’s honestly surprising that it took them this long to go completely insane.

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“A small group of President Trump’s most outspoken critics has seized on the James Comey controversy to make a — very — early push for impeachment.

“The latest call came from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, who released a statement suggesting Comey’s ouster from atop the FBI was an obstruction of the investigation ‘of the president’s campaign ties to Russian influence in his 2016 presidential election.’ He said Trump has committed acts that ‘amount to intimidation and obstruction.’

“’Our mantra should be I.T.N—Impeach Trump Now,’ Green wrote in an email, which included a line in red pushing those who received the email to ‘forward this email to others who may be interested.’”

Meanwhile, back in reality, the firing of James Comey falls directly into the President’s acceptable duties, and in no way amounts to obstruction of justice – according to experts, not democrats.  Furthermore, their latest attack against Trump, stemming from the ISIS-related information being shared with Russian ambassadors, has been cleared by all individuals who witnessed the exchange as ordinary and unexciting.

Trump, despite the democratic dunces’ decrying, is still operating in a completely acceptable manner according to everyone involved who isn’t a bleeding heart liberal.

Nice try, guys.

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