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Coulter Defiantly Speaks in California, Blows GOP Crowd Away

In recent weeks, there has been a fiery debate in America about how best to handle the liberal New Fascist movement against the 1st Amendment.

While the left has been seemingly at odds with freedom of speech for quite some time, their outright assault on the 1st Amendment has come to a head in the early 2017 after speaking engagements by conservative personalities were canceled in Berkeley, California.  Liberal rioters with the New Fascist movement were quick to take to the streets of the California college town to “protest” the scheduling of Milo Yiannopolous in February – an action that quickly devolved into a violent riot that caused the cancelation of Yiannopolous’ speech.

Then, months later when Ann Coulter was scheduled for a similar appearance, campus authorities at UC Berkeley were forced to cancel Coulter based on their own inability to maintain law and order on campus, thusly being unable to guarantee the right wing author’s safety.

Now, the defiant Coulter has spoken in California, albeit not on the campus at UC Berkeley, but was able to deliver her message emphatically anyway.

“Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter’s Friday evening speech at Modesto Centre Plaza drew hundreds of GOP faithful as well as dozens of demonstrators who lined the sidewalk and lawn outside the downtown convention center to show their support and disgust for Coulter.

“The demonstrators appeared evenly split into two camps. The protest — which appeared to reach about 100 people at its peak — also brought out the news media, with TV stations from Sacramento, San Francisco and Fox News sending crews.

“There also were lots of Modesto officers in the crowd and nearby on horseback, motorcycles and bicycles. Police Chief Galen Carroll said his department expected a peaceful protest but were prepared for the worst. Expectations were met.

“Police spokeswoman Heather Graves said there were no arrests. ‘We were thankful for everyone who came out,’ she said, ‘and glad that everything was peaceful.’”

While Coulter luckily avoided the trappings of the liberal violence that other conservative engagements were unable to skirt, her success was the exception and not the rule in modern politics.  The assault on free speech in America has been unequivocally violent, thanks to the radical leftists and their horrific New Fascism movement, and we should be prepared to endure more of their Nazi-esque censorship throughout the presidency of Donald Trump.

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