Could All of the Polls be Wrong?

The vote this summer in Great Britain to leave the European Union, called Brexit, was a shock to just about everyone.  The so-called experts are still scratching their heads wondering what happened.

It wasn’t supposed to pass, they said. Why?  Because days before the actual vote to place, many predicted its failure based on the polls conducted throughout the nation.

But as a wise man once noted, “figures never lie, but liars figure.”

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The polls conducted throughout the UK in the days before the vote to leave the EU is reminiscent of the polls before, and the exit polls conducted the day of, the 2004 Presidential election between George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Just hours before voting ended, reporters from the major networks, based on the exit polls, were predicting a good night for Democrat candidate John Kerry and a rough night for then sitting President George W. Bush.

Due to their leftist leanings, many of the reporters could barely contain their enthusiasm as they saw a vindication of the recount vote, during 2000 election between Bush and former Vice President Al Gore.

On election night, the exit polls, commissioned by a coalition of six leading national news organization, predicted that Kerry would win the election with 51% of the vote, and Bush would garner only 48% —with Kerry winning the key battleground states.

But their excitement was soon nipped in the bud as the actual results came pouring in.

It was almost comical to watch as shock and awe and a gray pallor spread across their faces, as the major networks called one state after another for the incumbent President.

“This can’t be right,” one major news organization stated.   The polling data seems to be “skewed” another offered.  The exit polls “couldn’t be off by that much” another cried.

So why was the polling data wrong?  Who knows?  Your guess is as good as mine.

A documentary film titled “Uncounted” by David Earnhardt attempted to answer that question.  In the film, Earnhardt interviewed leading Democrat lawmakers and pundits who concluded that the only possibility reason the polling data was so wrong had to be that the voting machines must have been compromised.  Ironically, no evidence has ever surfaced to prove this charge.

A writer for the Daily Kos on the morning after offered his reason explaining that many of the 13,000 voters who participated in the exit polls must have lied.

If this is true, then next logical question which would be “why would voters who favored the Republican President lie?”

Well, perhaps they were simply doing to the media what the media does to them on a nightly basis.

And herein lies the rub!  In typical leftist fashion, the same media pundits are now predicting the doom of the Trump campaign.

Some in the media are already declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of the 2016 Presidential election.  Perhaps she will win?  But then again, perhaps she won’t.

We won’t know for sure until election night.  But you need to brace yourself if she doesn’t win, cause the excuses and charges of voting machine tampering will follow for days and weeks on in if election night the new President has an “R” after his name.

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