Could Birth Control Be The End of The Atheist?


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While it sounds like something out of the book Freakonomics, a new study suggests that atheists could be euthanizing themselves with birth control.

The war on Christianity has been raging for decades, or possibly millennia, depending on how exactly you wish to define it.  For the purpose of today’s examination, let’s focus on the modern version of the anti-Christian, anti-religious battle that is taking place all over the globe.  No, I don’t mean Jihad, Holy War, or some Crusade-like thing; I’m talking about the demonization of religion.  (I know, poor phrasing).

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The modern atheist has become a ubiquitous piece of the leftist puzzle.  You have your progressives, your communists, your trans-everything, and you tie that all together with a heaping dose of atheists, who eschew not only the tenets of religion, but the important moral lessons contained within.  What’s worse still is that these non-believers have increasingly turned militant in recent years, emboldened by a slew of anti-religion celebrities and stand up comedians.

There is hope, however, for the world’s religions, and it comes in the form of something atheists hold sacred:  Science and math.

“Though the the number of religious peoples has generally declined over the past century, because non-religious people tend to be less inclined to start a family and have lots of children, religious folks could gradually edge out atheists through simple demographic math.

“Since ‘non-religious people are more likely to use birth control, their numbers are being overwhelmed by those who are highly religious,’ the authors claim.

“The study defines religiosity as any religion, whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or other. Muslim birthrates far outnumbered all other religious categories in both the U.S. and Malaysia, and the authors further predict that by the end of the current century, ‘Islam will have surpassed Christianity as the world’s largest religion and will comprise over one fourth of all the persons on earth.’

“The researchers conducted the study to begin forming a ‘biologically informed prediction that counters the secularization thesis.’ Even though the prevailing thought is that religion is dying out based on surveys of religion in America and around the world, the authors ‘envision a decline in secularism throughout the remainder of the twenty-first century, especially in industrialized countries.'”

What great irony it is that one of the world’s most annoyingly invasive fringe leftist groups could be dooming themselves to extinction based solely on their unwillingness to procreate.


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