What Is It Costing Target to be Political

I have said many times that I do not have a problem with people having an opinion. It is one of our fundamental rights. God has given us the right to speak out when we think that something is wrong. For individuals, this means that they should not face retribution from the powers that be if they disagree with them on policy.

But, what about companies? Should they be in the business of making political statements? I again would have to say that it is the right of every company owner or board to do with their company what they see fit. But this does not mean that they will be free from pain for such statements or stands.

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Case in point, Target is having trouble with the stand that they have taken over transgenders and restrooms.

Fox News reports

Target is facing an increasing backlash over its policy allowing customers and employees to use whichever bathroom they choose, regardless of the gender listed on their birth certificates.

A pledge to boycott its stores, launched Wednesday by the American Family Association, received more than 700,000 signatures in almost a week.

Now, I have no problem with Target taking this stand. I believe that there should be a law against such restroom policies. And I believe they have opened themselves up to lawsuits.  But if Target is not concerned with the safety of their customers, then who am I to say boo?

But, what we have to realize is that there are costs for taking stands. And for Target the cost is money. TThey have and will continue to lose customers.  Target says they will stick to their guns on this, and well they should. And if they can survive this many people leaving and going to Wal-Mart, more power to them.


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