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Cory Booker’s Email Release Stunt Not Exactly As Advertised

Earlier today, Senator Cory Booker attempted to make himself out to be some sort of Democratic martyr.

Implying wholeheartedly that he was willing to fall on the sword of the Senate rules committee, Booker released supposedly “damning” emails regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh; a man who will be confirmed barring an unexpected cataclysm on a global scale seeing as the democrats lack the numbers to block him.

Booker’s stunt, however, was soon outed as a hoax, with the Senator’s supposed bombshell having been cleared for release in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

So, again, we have a nonsensical and horrendous abuse of the media and of the nation’s “resistance” hysteria in an attempt to foment some sort of coup against the leader of the free world.

Tell me again why anyone supports these obstructionists with a penchant for caterwauling?

To make matters worse, the emails that were released simply showed that Brett Kavanaugh believes in equality, as laid out in the Constitution, and was promoting the use of “race neutral” security efforts in the weeks following 9/11.

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Cory Booker, I believe DJ Khaled said it best:


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