CORD CUTTERS: Mainstream Media Too Unhealthy For One Gym Chain

The way in which Americans digest media has changed dramatically over the course of the last several decades, with an increasing number of surfaces to stare at.

Televisions, computers screens, telephones, refrigerators – anything with electricity and a flat space has become a de facto portal into the other world, the internet world.  This means that the dinosaur media, that maybe should have spared itself the humiliation by going extinct years ago, is on the constant precipice of total collapse.  CNN, MSNBC, and others have not only failed to adapt to a changing American political climate, and the nation’s overwhelming conservative awakening, but these bastions of bias have completely attempted to subvert their enemy despite the severe disparity of enormity involved.

Now, given that these sources have been allowed to fester into a rancid stew of fake news and anger, many around the nation are turning back to the free press of the internet for the most accurate reporting and most sensible opinion pieces.  This sentiment hasn’t only been adopted by individuals, however, with one nationwide fitness chain banning the liberal echo chambers from their establishments.

“Life Time has scrubbed all-news cable channels from the screens at its fitness centers, saying a growing number of customers think they don’t fit a healthy lifestyle.

“The Chanhassen-based company this week dropped CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC from TVs in front of various workout machines.

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“With a few exceptions, TV screens built into treadmills and other cardio machines also ‘currently do not have the ability to display these channels,’ Life Time spokeswoman Natalie Bushaw said Thursday. However, a second phase in this viewing shift, to be completed by the end of February, will have all stations available, Bushaw added.

“She said Life Time pulled the plug on the cable news outlets based on ‘many member requests received over time across the country and in keeping with our overall healthy way of life philosophy and commitment to provide family-oriented environments free of consistently negative or politically charged content.’”

Now it won’t be Don Lemon’s half-hearted attempts at emotional virtue signaling that gets your heart pumping…it will be the actual exercise that you’re doing.


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