Cops and Misplaced Trust

Seven Baltimore Police Officers have been federally indicted for racketeering.

They were allegedly robbing people, making false overtime claims and filing false affidavits.

Shame on them. If proven guilty, they will deserve every minute of prison time they get.

But I want to put this in perspective for all of the people who are using this to say “See that’s why I don’t trust cops”. There are 3,100 civilian and sworn personnel working for the BPD. It is the 8th largest  municipal police force in the United States. The department’s jurisdiction covers Maryland’s largest city, with a population of 621,000. Source:

So just going by the numbers that means that less than 3% of those employed by the BPD “steals” from their workplace. Now according to 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer. Now you are going to say “Victimless Crime” they were stealing from a company not a person.

  1. Who do you think owns a company? Answer: A Person
  2. When a place goes out of business PEOPLE are left unemployed. 33% of all business bankruptcies are due to theft by employees. Still think it’s victimless?

So while these seven former officers may very well be thieves and untrustworthy if you want to give somebody the stink eye because they can’t be trusted you might want to look at the little salesgirl at Abercrombie and Fitch instead of the guy who just pulled you over for going 75 in a school zone.

Inevitably somebody is going to tell me “This cop pulled me over and said it was because my headlight was out but I know it’s because I’m _____” You fill in the blank. Chances are he pulled you over because your headlight was out. Do you want to know why it is a big deal that you have one headlight out? Well, because if one is out chances are the other one will go out soon and if you have ever tried driving down the highway with no headlights you might realize it’s kinda dangerous.

You think traffic stops are pointless? Well Ted Bundy and Timothy McVeigh were both apprehended because of traffic stops. If you don’t know who they are I hope you are at least smart enough to use google. Trust me they won’t be hard to find.

So you say “Well, they don’t have to be such jerks when they pull me over acting like I’m a serial killer.”  According to 62 officers were killed during traffic stops from 2003 to 2012. That does not include 34 others who died during and after vehicle pursuits. That might make me a little more cautious and surly too.

Oh and by the way, if you want to know who is really ticked off about this the most: It’s the other 97% of BPD employees who now know they are in more danger because of the “alleged” actions of a few. They have already suffered 136 line of duty deaths and don’t look forward to another one BUT know that it will inevitably happen.  They still get up and put on their armor and go to work. Most want to do what they have sworn to do: Protect and Serve not Harm and Take.

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