Kellyanne Conway

Conway Outs Sick Radical Leftists For Cheering Violence Against Conservatives

We are experiencing a despicable shift in political activism in 2017, and only a handful of brave souls in Washington are willing to admit that.

Rhetoric and vitriol have long been ugly, especially when it comes to partisan politicking early in a President’s career.  Today, however, this afterthought of arrogance, espoused and exuded through liberal channels in the mainstream media, is on a level that no American had truly ever wished would be achieved.  We are at Civil War status.

Shots have been literally fired in the war against the American conservative, with Bernie Sanders campaign worker James T. Hodgkinson taking the dubious honor of being the 2nd Civil War’s first triggerman.  Hodgkinson’s assault on a gathering of GOP congressmen in Virginia, which left Louisiana representative Steve Scalise fighting for his life, was predictably received throughout a great many American households with emotions of shock, disgust, disbelief, and sorrow.

In other households however, those whose hybrid compact cars bear “I’m With Her” bumper stickers, the reaction was much different.  In the radical leftist corners of Twitter and Facebook we witnessed a deplorable and unacceptable acceptance of the violence.  We saw cheering.  We saw celebration.  We saw copycat violence. 

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Now, outspoken Trump aide, and first women in history to manage a successful campaign for President, Kellyanne Conway is once again telling us like it is as it pertains to these ridiculous leftists sentiments.

“Conway said, ‘I really would ask people to think about the hateful rhetoric. This man, this shooter the other day, didn’t hate baseball, he hated Republicans, and his social media feed was a complete anti-Trump, anti-Republican screed. For those particularly in the media who are so obsessed with the president’s social media postings, why isn’t everybody looking inside a little bit at what they’re posting and what they’re saying? Nobody is responsible for this shooting except the shooter. There is no question about that. But at the same time you can oppose policies, but with some such hateful charged rhetoric that active resistance becomes armed resistance in the case of this lone gunman.’

“She continued, ‘Look at Twitter, If I were shot and killed tomorrow, half of Twitter would explode in applause and excitement. This is the world we live in right now. It’s terrible. Again it is one thing for people to say I disagree with you on the health care repeal, on taxes or national security plans, but you can’t attack people personally in a way and think that tragedies like this won’t happen.'”

Conway went on to lambast the radical leftist propaganda images of a dead President that have been permeating the culture in recent months.  Between Snoop Dogg’s shooting of a Trump facsimile in a music video, to Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-inpsired beheading of a Trump replica, the left has been completely obsessed with the idea of assassinating Donald Trump.  It’s frankly disturbing.

These recreations of the left’s wet dream have certainly contributed to the attitudes of folks like Hodgkinson, who we mustn’t ignore as just some crazy gunman.  Hodgkinson represents a great deal more to the underbelly of American society than your average anti-Trumper, and is likely being reprehensibly revered by a group of would-be assassins as we speak.


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