Colin Kaepernick

Convicted Dog Murderer Gives Hairstyle Advice to Anthem-Hating Kaepernick

The National Football League has an image problem, that’s undeniable, but the latest tidbit in the saga of the uncouth Colin Kaepernick is absurd in its filth.

For years, professional American football players have been getting away with murder; sometimes literally.  These overpaid and under-protected athletes have been transformed into the rock stars of our modern era, complete with the salacious and scandalous behavior of an out of control man-child with unlimited resources.  Combine that with their light schedule of only 16 or so games per season and a slew developmental issues stemming from years of special treatment, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Few NFL athletes would truly make for decent role models for our nation’s youth – and few would make worse role models than Colin Kaepernick and convicted dog fight kingpin Micheal Vick.

That’s why many were left scratching their heads with the former Atlanta QB and known canine-murderer Vick decided he should give Kaepernick some advice.

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“During a guest appearance on Fox Sports 1’s ‘Speak for Yourself’ Monday, former NFL star quarterback Michael Vick proposed Colin Kaepernick should get a haircut and make himself more ‘presentable’ if he wants a job in the NFL.

“’First thing we’ve got to get Colin to do is cut his hair,’ Vick suggested. ‘Listen, I’m not up here to try to be politically correct. Even if he puts cornrows in there. I don’t think he should represent himself in that way. Just the hairstyle. Just go clean-cut. You know, why not? You’re already dealing with a lot of controversy.’”

Vick’s advice probably seems quite trite given his own background as a convicted felon.

Kaepernick is still without a job in the NFL, something Michael Vick believes is due to the former San Francisco 49er’s physical abilities and not his despicable stunt involving the National Anthem.  Perhaps this is Vick speaking from his own experience of committing atrocious and unmentionable acts and continuing to find himself employed after completing his incarceration.  In Kaepernick’s case, however, we are dealing with the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of the American people and their tolerance of bratty, overpaid professional athletes not allowing themselves to be subject to the same societal rules as the rest of us.

And, contrary to Michael Vick’s belief, NFL owners have proven time and again that they are now, suddenly, afraid of bringing the circus to town with their signing of controversial athletes.  Vick was a lucky man to be able to come back into the NFL at all, let alone after the crimes that he committed.  In a league where Tim Tebow’s Christianity is “too distracting” for a team, Kaepernick’s ugly opinion of America and her police force is certainly taking it too far.


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