Kanye West

Kanye Stays Conservative in New Rap,And It Has Liberals FUMING!

Liberals have had a bizarre relationship with the hip hop music genre over the course of the last decade, and it has demonstrated their wild and flailing hypocrisy to no end.

You see, the American political left works on a bizarre spectrum of hate, where the enemy-of-my-enemy argument is tested far too often.  When hip hop stars using denigrating language toward women, the left is incensed and outraged.  But when a superstar of the industry praises President Trump?  That incites an entirely different sort of hatred and vitriol.

Take the example of Kanye West, who last week took to Twitter in order to defend his “brother” Donald Trump, claiming that the two shared an allegedly precious resource called “dragon energy”.

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This absolutely infuriated the liberal left, who have spent the last decade or so attempting to decipher Kanye West as if he were speaking in some sort of Ancient Chicagoan language that had been lost to time.  The left seems to think Kanye is a certified genius, even if they are willing to admit that they aren’t able to comprehend why they feel that way.  Kanye is too “cool” for the left to ignore, and that’s why this alleged “betrayal” has been such a hot button issue.

Trump thanked Kanye via the social media platform for the kind words.

Now, however, Kanye is upping the ante, using strong, racially charged language in order to praise POTUS again…this time in a new piece of music released this weekend.

“See that’s the problem with this damn nation,” says West. “All blacks gotta be Democrats. Man, we ain’t made it off the plantation.”

The song, “Ye vs. the People,” which debuted Friday evening on radio station Power 106, is a back and forth between West and T.I. about West’s announcement of his support for Trump, which T.I. strongly pushes back against while West stands firm. The song serves as a way for West to more thoroughly explain his support for MAGA and demonstrates his willingness to hear and address criticism for his stance.

Kanye begins by praising Obama, but then noting one reason he’s particularly glad Trump won. “I know Obama was Heaven-sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President.” T.I. counters by accusing him of going against his own teachings, but West says he’s actually just doing what he always does by “goin’ against the grain.” He then says T.I. is just “readin’ the headlines” and continuing with the “choosin-side sh*t,”…

Of course, the left was furious over the rapper’s continued support for the President, but they have been drowned out on Twitter by an enormous outpouring of support for the hip hop idol.

And America’s conservative awakening continues…


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